I'm very bummed today, because a really sweet kitty went to the Bridge yesterday. LC heard Skeeter calling her and couldn't resist; she'd heard him say it was close to time but she could decide on the When, and I guess the when was Now.

Her Big Thing is understandably very leaky about this, because she was with him for a very very long time, and because she was 67 kinds of awesome. She did a good job of training Iza and Ayla to be there for him, but you know, that doesn't make it hurt less.

Even though I know she's at the Bridge and she's with Skeeter again and they're having a ton of fun, and getting together with all our other kitty friends who are already there, I am going to miss her.

See ya in a few years, LC. Tell Skeeter I miss him, too, and say hi to the gang for me.

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We, too, are sad for this loss.

We are so very sad about LC running off to the bridge. Our thoughts are with TBT, Ayla and Iza and all LC's furiends during this very sad time.

Oh No!! I am so sorry to hear that. It is very, very hard to loose a fur kid.
We lost our dear Heidi not so very long ago.
Hugs to the family.

Awww, Max,

We're sorry you're bummed out today. We had read at one of the other sites about LC and offered our thoughts and purryers there.

LC sure had a lot of friends.

You're a dear for keeping LC in your heart.

Oh we are so sad to hear about your friend LC having to go to the bridge. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers to LC's family. We know how hard this is on them.

We were so sad about LC too.

Oh that sucks. I will go leave a message.

We were so sad to hear about LC also.

We know she is having a good time at the bridge, but we will miss her very much.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Gracie

We are really sad about LC going to the Bridge too...we're purring for TBT and Ayla and Iza who are missing her lots...

Maximus Spittimus has requested that I tell you this is good.

He advises me to say that Skeeter has gone to The Great Cat and is now happy again.

Best Regards
Four Dinners
Aide de Camp

Thank you Max! You were always a great friend of Skeeter and LC. We hope we will be someday too...