Ok, doods.

You guys know that Kismet is going through some pretty serious stuff right now, right? He's been in the stabby place a couple of times in an oxygen tank and they can hear a murmur in his heart, and is gonna have to get that looked at with an ultrasound soon.

My people know how spendy that is, because the Cat Who Came Before Me had heart problems and had several of them. And then there's all the medications that can add up, and chest x-rays and trips to the stabby place, which is really unpleasant but even moreso when you're smacked in the face with all the cash it costs.

So. Last night the Man went into the room where the rumbly bikes sleep, and he made something special. And we're gonna use it to try to scrape together a little cash for Kismet. Now, keep in mind, the Man made this all himself; it's hand made and unique and there isn't and won't be another one exactly like it in the world EVER.

Pen with top
A sparkly purply-pink Navigator Style pen

Pen without top
This is it with the top off

Close up of pen
This is a close up of the color and the sparkly.
If you click on the pictures, you can see them bigger.

So this is what I thought we could do. For every $2.50 you donate through the link here, you get one chance at winning this unique pen. If you donate $10, you'll get FIVE chances. That's, like, a FREE CHANCE!

Entries closed..but you can still donate directly to Kismet on his blog.

So if you can, pad your own karma by helping Kismet, and maybe you'll end up with a one of a kind, made by The Man pen!

We'll run this from now until Friday at 6 p.m. Pacific time, and we'll draw the winner's name at around 8 p.m.

If you can't help with cash, please keep Kismet in your thoughts and stuff. It's some pretty scary stuff, what he might have to go through, and every good wish helps.

Comments (18)

What a pawsome pen! We're in! We'd love to help Kismet and we purray he gets better soon.

That is awesome! I shall have to work on the woman to donate. We've been purring hard.

Mom says we can buy some tickets tomorrow. We have been purring for Kismet.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Gracie

That's a beautiful pen. My mom helped me donate.

Mom is impressed! The man made that beautiful pen. She donated cause she loves the color and would like to win!

Now that's a lovely pen, The Mommy really likes that. We'll donate some green papers for her so she'll have a chance at it. Great idea, Max's Man!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Hi Max,
Just wanted to say you're such a sweet dood. We just read your comment over at Skeezix's about the little raccoon, and it made my Investor Lady feel all warm inside, even though she is sad the coon had to go to the Bridge.

We are hoping Kismet gets better, too.

Your friends at The Morning Scratch

That is very cool of you and your dad Max.

Cool pen, dude! Given that the Man made it, did he load it up with gas?
--The BK

That is really sweet, Max. We're hoping to donate some green papers this Friday.

the Man sure knows how to make a fine writing instrument!!

an' dood? what you said to skeez about the baby coon was so pawesome. we's pretty sure nocat (or bean) who read it had dry whiskers (or eyes) at the end. you are just SUCH a good furriend. we're glad you're our furriend, too.

*nosekisses* from xing and bruvverly awwwwwww, shux-type *whap*s from ed, nitro, an' the little black pestilence, igmu

That is one truly gorgeous pen. Are they refillable and does he take commissions? I think that when I get a job again, I may want to treat myself to something like this.

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That is an awesome pen - I love pens and I love pink sparkly! I am so relieved you are keeping this up til friday - that way I can hopefully get paid in time to send something! We were at Kismets today and the good thing is he is getting better - we keep purring for him!

We are so purring for Kismet! He is the original big man cat for sure.
That is a cool pen! Your Man is very talented. Mommy likes sparkly stuff like that! I wonder if Skeezy and Daisy have seen it. They love pink and sparkly too

Cool pen, Max...the man is pretty talented! We'll go bug mom and get her to buy some chances to win it!

And we sure hope Kismet gets better...

The Man made a really nice pen. I am hoping and praying and Herman is purring for Kismet to get better.

I got my mom (aka my cat bed), to go for the free entry. :)

Feel better Kismet. This is very cool of you and the Man, Max.