All right, after some verbal contortions, the Woman got the Paypal fiasco straightened out, and it looks like all the funds transactions are still in place. We were pretty specific in not calling it a raffle or lottery and that people were donating, but here we are anyway.

The suckiest part of all this? Offering a chance at a prize in order to raise money has been a really good way to get it done. Look at the netbook we did last year...everyone contributed $1000 for boobies! But now? Now we won't be able to do it again for anything, because if we do and get caught, Paypal will close our account for good, and that's the Woman's business account.

I dunno...we'll find a way if the need arises in the future.

But I'm still annoyed.

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I'm gwad you got it sorted out Max. The bean who complained was a meanie! We should all go together and poop on him/her.


We are glad everything got sorted. What is wrong with some people that they have to mess it up for others?They must lead a very sad life if that is the way they get their kicks.

It's a shame that this happens. All of these "raffles" on the CB are for a good cause!

We don't blame you for being annoyed.

We're really glad you got it straightened out, Max. And to the person who caused this...cause you are almost certainly reading all this... you are such a jerk. You took something good and caring and mucked it up.

Glad you mum got it straight, but no more donations, even if you don't do a prezzie?

I could see not running a game of chance, but people would be donating even if they won't get something in return.

We are very glad you got it sorted out. Paypal is so weird about that. Sigh. I think Junior's person? or maybe Sweet Praline did it all by check for people but I'm not sure that was as popular (it's so easy to just go onto paypal).

I wish I had a better answer for you. It's very frustrating because it is a great way to raise some funds. I wonder if there's a site that allows raffles or something that you can pay through that site--now THAT would be a great website! :)

What about that way the was running the donations for the little cat? Could you raise money in the future that way?

Some people are poopoo heads. I'd be annoyed too.

I did a little looking around and this looks promising.

We're just catching up with you, but glad to see it has come out alright!

Gosh Max, we're sorry you had problems just trying to do a good thing.

I so agree with Eric and Flynn. People must lead sad empty lives to want to mess it up for others.. Glad it was sorted.. Hugs GJ x

Sorry to derail the comments here for a minute, but....

Does anyone know what happened to LC's (Ayla/Iza) blog? I tried to visit tonight and it looks like it's gone?

PS Glad all the bad stuff got sorted out. But sorry it happened!

I am so sorry that some jerk caused you so much grief over your trying to do something good for Kismet. I would be really annoyed, too. I am glad that it got sorted out and that all the funds got to where they needed to go. I wonder why PayPal is so antsy about raffles.

jeez, max; how disgusting that this happened. what kind of a jerk would flock up a fund raiser for a kitteh? oh, wait--that's it: a JERK!!!

(telegram for MONGOJERK: thanks, JERK! that was very JERKY of you!! have some (maybe) chocolate-covered JERKY, why don't you?--evidently you eat a whole carload of JERKY efurry day!!)(if we could find out jerk's address, we'd PAY to send this telegram!)