Sorry I'm late...the Woman got all involved in something stupid, but she did draw the winner!

There were 100 entries and we raised $180! What the Woman did was make a list of everyone who donated, and next to them the number of chances they got. Like, if the first person to donate gave $10, she wrote 1-5, and the second person gave $5 she wrote, 2,3.

 The number drawn was number 81, and that person was

Karen Jo Gray!

The Woman will get it off in the mail ASAP! Congrats and thanks!

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That is a great amount of money raised Max. You and your people did good.

Concats Karen Jo! And we're glad Kismet's mom has some extra green papers. Stabby Places are sooooo expensive.

Congratulations to Karen Jo

Congratulations to Karen Jo. I'm glad you were able to raise some extra green papers.

Congratulations to Karen Jo! YEAH!!!

Stop by I gave you an award.

Hooray for Karen Jo!

Wow! I am so happy. You raised a nice amount for Kismet and I hope the problems don't keep him from getting it.

Congrats to Karen Jo!!!!

U R pawsome, Max!