Max and his Younger HumanSee how much I like the Younger human?

Here I am trying to pet his face. Really.

The Younger Human is nice on a lot of levels. Every time he's here I get a treat, and it's usually real live fresh dead cow. Sometimes crunchy treats. But he always gives me something. He's thoughtful like that.

Well, next month he wants to do something really weird, but it's for a good cause. In order to raise a little money for the Special Olympics, he's going to jump into really really really cold water.

I chit you not! COLD water! I don't know if he realizes what that's gonna do to his fun bits, but hey, that's the price a guy sometimes pays for doing a good thing.

So yeah, I am leading up to something. He needs sponsors. I have friends, and he needs sponsors. So if you can swing it, just a couple of bucks would be really sweet.

The Younger Human's Donor Page

Even if you can't sponsor him, could you pass the word along? His goal is $500, but if he reaches $10,000, he gets to do it again in March, in even colder water! And that's just fun for me to think about.

It's for the sticky people, folks. Think of the sticky people.

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You make me consider adding him to my news page because you know--that would be awesome if he raised that much!

Um, . . . dood . . . we must have been away too long - we didn't even know you changed yer blog design. We likey a lot!

The Younger Human is doing a great thing. Thanks for telling us about it.

good for the younger human!!!!

Wow, that is cool that he is doing that - but I like that the reward for doing even better is to do something that sounds, well, even crazier!

first, "anonymous" is totally awesome. i could nip out and read that post over and over again and laugh and laugh. he has so much to say.

second, great cause for your younger human to take up! we can totally get behind that cause. special sticky little humans need all the help they can. if he can freeze his bits and pieces off (in whatever landfill they're in mine are shrinking just thinking of it) we can donate something.

third, what moron turned you into Paypal? all us furries and our beans should march on them with pitchforks. what a jerk.

I hope you recovered from your big night helping your mommy sleep. I've been on the sofa with mine all day. I like it.

That looks like really nice petting there, Max. The Woman says that's exactly how I act when she picks me up. Well, I never told her she could pick me up!

It is very sweet of the younger human to jump into freezing water to raise green papers for such a great cause. We hope he raises a lot of green papers.

we's proud fer yer younger human! the man and the woman drug him up right!! we has a few questions about his sanity, howefur . . .