Get off my face, she says.
Let me sleep, she says.
It's 6-fricking-twenty in the morning, she says.

Damn, people can be rude.

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We have learned that Mom does not like to hear Angel growl when we play rough. So at 6:30 on weekends or holidays that that is what we do. Usually that means someone will get yo and feed us. But sometimes it means Kirby gets put in time out! Dad feeds us at 6:30 on work days.

I completely understand...

The nerve of her!

LOVE LOVE the header, the colors, nav bar and the way the new page looks. Mom just spent 15 minutes makin a screen shot of yur page from her little notebook cuz she couldnt see da whole page an den she membered how to make da page smaller. Doh. We LOVE yur new emplate. It's so... well it's so cool and purrfesshunal. Eggcellent job!

Mom won't feed us before the sun comes up!

Oh plus yur new blog is more maroony red not eye hurty red. Right sidebar text headers in da Followers needs to be white too. Just sayin...

My mom yells SHUT UP, CAROLINE! when Caroline starts whining at her door. I think that's pretty rude...although Caroline does tend to the screamy side so maybe it's not a bad rude.

I think I'm past those early morning wake-up routines. Mom usually wakes me up now.

Hah, our mom went to da cabin wif dad and she called Jared (who's taking excellent care of us) at 7 dis morning and he was still asleep! She asked if he went back to bed after feeding us but, no, we don't wake him up at 6 am like we do mom...hahahahaha

Keep at it, Max...she'll give in...she'll have no choice....

I don't even get breakfast!

I don't get it. What sux for me is that Joel wakes up to eat between 5:30 & 6am and Mommy hops right up to feed HIM. but if I get up she says "no Hendrix, it isn't time for you to eat now." What the frig?

When beans are hungry they eat. Why can't we? I mean, sure, I could eat the crunchies in my bowl, but that isn't stinky goodness.

Scout bangs on moms door anywhere from 2 to 6 am and all it gets him is scooped up & put into our boy's old bedroom until mom gets up. She does it every time, and he still hasn't connected cause & effect.

I really think it is unfair for her not to feed you at 6:30 in the morning! Our little sister Hope stands on top of our mom and breaths real loud and close to her face. Freaks our mom out...heeheeheehee!!

that is very rude - and she should give you extra food to make up for it