This is Butters from South Park.

The woofy that the Younger Human adopted was named after him. The Woman thinks it's an apt name; South Park Butters is a nice kid and Butters the Dog is (she says) very sweet. His (the woofy) original name was Radar, but he didn't answer to it. When the Younger Human called him Butters, he turned around and looked.

I think Hendrix might be onto something...sooner or later the Younger Human might discover his alter ego is Professor Chaos. -->

He already got into some fudge today. Good thing there wasn't really much in the way of chocolate in it. Just lots and lots and lots and LOTS of sugar...

I thought about horking up my toenails onto the Woman's pillow because I'm still upset that this house smells like Woofy, but then I realized that Santa comes tomorrow night so it might not be the best impulse I've ever had.

I'll wait.

Maybe that'll make it even sweeter. Stealth Barf. She'll never expect it a week from now!

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