No Numbers Just Bullets

  • Today the Man and the Woman took all the books that were ordered before yesterday at 11:30 a.m. to the post office today and mailed them.
  • You should have yours in less than 5 days, unless you're an out-of-the-U.S.-kitty, in which case it'll take a little longer.
  • The post office lady did not reach over the counter and punch the Man in the face when she saw how many things they were mailing.
  • There are no donuts in the house. I looked everywhere.
  • This upsets me mightily.
  • I hope there are donuts in the new house.
  • There are rats in the new house. I hope the people don't get rid of them before we get there.
  • Buddah would like to have a real live rat to play with.
  • Me, not so much.
  • I would like to hear the Woman scream if one ran across the kitchen floor, though.
  • I hope Santa brings me a paw-friendly video camera so I can get proof if that happens.
  • Heh.

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