Apparently "Boxing Day" does not mean waking a person up by punching them in the face. Who knew?

We had a really good Christmas, but there's no photographic evidence. Sorry 'bout that. Someone =ahem= got into the "stockings" before the Woman could get the camera out and the neato things we got were sufficiently sampled, tested, and made dead without permission to proceed in the Christmas festivities.

Now, if our stuff had been in PROPER stockings, we would have known the rules. But because of the impending M-word, the People did not put our stockings our for Santa to fill, so Santa had to use plastic Walmart bags, and they were on the floor, and well... Curiosity killed the cat, and all.

Santa was really nice! There was NIP! And Toys! NIP TOYS! And DA BIRD! And Buddah got some grass to grow.

We also got to see the Younger Human, but he didn't bring the Frootbat Woofy. I'm not sure why, but Santa left the woofy some stuff here, too. I dunno, maybe he knew the Younger Human was going to be over here...? Anyway, the woofy got a bed and a bunch of squeaky toys. That bed looked pretty spiffy and I got to sniff it but Santa set it down in a way I couldn't get on it. I guess that's all right, I mean I know if it had been for me I'd have been upset of a dog got to it first.

Now that Christmas is over, the People are getting all AAAAAHHHHHH! over the m-word. Boxes are getting packed and there are lots of phone calls about something closing (? don't ask me, it's People talking. I don't think it's supposed to make sense) and buying paint for the new house and WILL THERE BE HEAT?

I certainly hope there will be heat.

Buddah's bummed because it sounds like they're getting rid of the rats for sure before we live there, and that's if there are even any still there. The house has been empty for a year and a half and they might have moved on since there's no more food in the house.

I might be a little bummed, too, because I was kind of looking forward to him giving half of his catch to the Woman at 3 a.m.

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