Oh Doooods...I think I've figured out what a part of the Rainbow Bridge is gonna be like. There's this really cold spot for kitties to play in if they want to see what being cold is like, and when they're done, there's a room they get to go into. There's a big comfy chair, and someone with a nice lap is sitting there. I'm pretty sure it'll be the lap of whomever you want it to be, even if they haven't gone to the Bridge yet. They have a nice heated blanket on their lap, and you get to jump up there, curl up, get head skritches and told how pretty you are, and take as long a nap as you want while getting all toasty.

And you know what? At the Bridge, the person whose lap you're in won't EVER have to get up to pee. Unlike the People here. And really, mine seem to have to pee A LOT. Cripes, what does that Woman DRINK? There we were, all warm and snuggly and sleepy, and she has to get up. THREE TIMES.

Her lap is all squishy and comfortable, though, so I suppose I can't complain too much.

Just a little.

I hope she makes a lap for me again tonight. I like the heated blanket thingy. And the squishy.

I like saying Squishy.


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