Okidokee...I just got the ship notice on the next order of books, and they'll get to my house on the 15th. There are 20 still available from this shipment, and I can get orders shipped out on the 16th (because I will threaten the Woman with poop in places she doesn't want it if she doesn't go to the post office...) so if you want it as a Christmas gift for someone, you'll get it in time (we ship Priority...media mail would take it, like, 20 years to get there...)

These will be the last ones we'll get before Christmas, and probably the last ones we'll get before the M-word happens. After these are gone, Amazon is the best bet until February, when (if anyone wants my pawtograph on it) I can get more.

Today the people are signing 3,000,121 pieces of paper about the house they're buying, and supposedly they close (the doors? the windows? I dunno, I think it'd be closed already) on the 30th. They're already putting stuff in boxes, and I keep hearing lots of "Buddah, stop chewing on that. Buddah, No! Buddah WHAT DID I JUST SAY?"

Buddah is a very good snoopervisor, I must admit. I am helping by sitting near the Woman as she packs stuff up, and when she says stuff like "Should I keep this or toss it out?" I lean back and lick myself. She seems to appreciate that.

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