Bullet Point Tuesday

  1. Just so's you don't forget, I WROTE ANOTHER BOOK!
  2. I would like to lick another donut, but the Woman says we don't have anymore.
  3. She is apparently unwilling to go get me some more.
  4. It is not fair for the People to go off somewhere and not turn the warm air blowing thingy up for us. I have sensitive nipples, you know.
  5. Buddah has been napping on the Woman's lap a lot lately.
  6. Apparently, he forgets that is MY lap, and if I catch him at it, I am going to demonstrate my mighty whapping skills on his head.
  7. Book.
  8. The Woman might have jury duty on Friday.
  9. She wants to serve but says it is a very inconvenient time and wishes she had postponed until Spring.
  10. The Man thinks it is inconvenient, as it means he has to get up early and drive her there and then pick her up later.
  11. All because she can't drive in the dark.
  12. I would be very good on a jury. And I would be happy to meet out punishment.
  13. I can poop at will, and can fill a shoe...that's a good punishment.
  14. book

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! It's up at Amazon now!

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