Dooods! We had a awesome surprise today! When the People came home from doing M-word related things, they had a box! And they said they got it from the post office! And it was for BUDDAH AND ME!

It was from our Secret Paw!

A Box!

Of course, we had to investigate!

Look who it's from!

There was a card!
Our Secret Paw is Billy Sweet Feets!
We both got VERY excited when we read the card!

Um...I wanna see first

Buddah practically dove into the box head first.
He HAD to see what was in it.

Holy Canoli!

OhMyGosh look at everything! Billy was super generous!
He gave us Temptations! and NIP TOYS! and squiggly toys!
And mousies that look real! AND SHRIMP CRUnCHIES!!!

But you see that orange toy? There is also a pink one just like it.
Buddah grabbed it right off and ran to play with it.
"It's MINE!" he said, and I said ok, you love it so much, I won't take it.
I mean, really, how can you take a toy when someone else just about wets himself when he first sees it?
I'm mean, but not like that.


Really, his love for it is kind of unnatural, but hey, whatever makes him happy.
I think he was embracing his inner Skeezix
And trying to Rock the Pink.
It made the People laugh, which is good.

Hmmmm...lemme see now

After Buddah took off with the pink thingy, I decided I needed a closer look at everything
And the Man gave me some of the shrimp crunchies.

You would not believe how awesome they are.
I am going to dream about them, I just know it.

Thank you Billy, thank you very much. You are an awesome and special kitty, and a very thoughtful Secret Paw. And you know what? The People set half of everything aside so that when we do the whole M-word thing, we'll have special toys when we get to the new house. They'll smell like here, and they'll smell like you, and that will help us feel not so bad about having to move.

You rock, little dooood!

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