O M G ! ! !

There I was, taking a nap in the chair, on top of a very spiffy quilt that the Woman's Bestest Friend made for her (and about which I get told every time, that's not yours!, but TOUGH!) when I heard an odd noise. So I opened my eyes and looked. (oh, and forgive the mess...the People are already packing...)


Doooods...this was truly a WTF moment. I could not believe my eyes! And not in a happy, oh you got me a new toy way. Because what I saw was THIS:


Apparently, his name is Butters and he's a 10-11 month old chihuahua/bulldog mix that the Younger Human has adopted. But honestly, I did not stick around to find much else out about him. When I knew he was otherwise occupied, I got the frak up and ran upstairs to the safety of under the Woman's bed.

But oh...it gets worse.

While I was keeping myself safe, SOMEONE was aiding and abetting the enemy!

He liked me!

That's the Woman he's curled up with. SHE LIKES HIM! Well, let me tell you, once he left I was so upset that I barfed all over the kitchen floor.

And for good measure, later on I might barf on the Woman's pillow.

The traitor.

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