Oh wow oh wow oh wow!

DON'T TELL BUDDAH! but I found his heart mousies and got him 3 of them for Christmas!!! And they're a MANLY blue color! He needs all the help he can get manning up, because he just doesn't rock the pink the way Skeezix does. Well, truly, no one does, but Buddah really needs help and something blue can only help. But it's ok that he loves little heart shaped mousies, because there's nothing wrong with having a big heart, even if you want to sink your teeth into one once in a while.

In other news, it was SO COLD in this house last night because the people turned the warm air blowing thingy waaaaay down that we had to curl up on top of the Woman. AT THE SAME TIME! Normally I don't like sharing her when she's in bed, but this was a special circumstance and required a little tolerance on both our parts. I made him curl up on her butt, though. I got the top half.

When she woke up she wasn't even mad that we were squishing her. She felt bad that we were so cold and promised that tonight she would crank the warm air blowing thingy up a couple of degrees.

Oh and I heard the people declare that they are DONE Christmas shopping, so that means somewhere in the house there's a toy for me! I hope it's got Nip in it. Nothing says Merry Christmas like getting hopped up on the kitty crack. Buddah was a bit concerned that we didn't get anything for the People, but I assured him they wouldn't mind because they probably really did use all my money on the new house. I hope I'm not wrong. Well, I mean I hope I'm not wrong that they didn't really want something from us, not that they spent all my money. I would like to have a little money left over. Just in case, I am fully prepared to suck it up and do the cute thing on Christmas, and lick them full on the lips. What better gift can one receive than a little Max tongue?

None, I tell you. None!

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