Today, I want to rock the pink

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/26/2013 12:00:00 AM

I don't do pink as well as Skeezix did. I don't think anyone does or ever will, but man, I will embrace it and try as hard as I can to honor the dood who made it look so good.



Skeez did pink a billion times better than I ever will. I mean, look, I got it all over myself. That might work for the Woman and her pathetic head furs, but I'm not so sure I rock it.

Sorry, Skeez. I'll keep trying. Some day, I'll figure out how you made pink look so manly.

Guys...I'm still bummed. I still feel that giant Skeezy-hole in my heart. I look at Buddah and keep thinking he and Skeez were the same age; I want Buddah to hang around as long as he stops being a pain in my asterisk, and it feels wrong that Skeezix didn't get as much time as Buddah will.

I'm trying to not be so sad, though. I want to remember all the good that Skeezix brought to the cat blogosphere, and guys...he brought A LOT of good. He brought a lot of joy and a farkton of laughter, and I'll never forget that.

I've been trying to pick one favorite memory. One thing out of all those bazillion things he did and said that made me howl with laughter, what sticks out as the best?

Could I even come up with one?

Between his love of Mother's Milk and his fashion iconness and love of Daisy and his spelling efforts and school bus desires...what jumps out at me.

What made me just a tiny bit jealous?


boner blanket

My man Skeezix had something I never will. And I'll never have it because my people ROBBED ME OF MY MANHOOD. But Skeez? His people might have tried to rob him of his, but he was so studly that he kept it and needed a freaking boner blanket!

I cannot compete with that level of awesome manhood.

I mean, I AM awesome and manly, but I've never even been able to use a boner blanket. Well, I might havd just before I got nootered, and there was that one incident where the Woman was dying with laughter because I was flexible enough to cause certain things to happen that could have led to the use of said blanket, but I was young and didn't even know those existed.

Right after that the goodies got lopped off, and well...yeah. I was a bit jealous of Skeez because he not only had one, but needed one.

And man, he had no issues with telling us about it. And that takes balls, guys, even when you don't have any.

I am never, not ever, going to forget the most awesome dood ever. Skeezix is burned into my brain and into my heart, and I wanted to help somehow, even if it was just a drop in the bucket. Chey's person set up a fund in Skeezix's honor, and the money raised will be given to the Food Lady and Mister Tasty Face so they can donate it to the charity of their choice. All for Skeezix.

If you have a couple of bucks, please donate in his memory. Because the memories he gave us...those are priceless.

Skeez...I love ya, dood, and I miss you, and thank you so much for all the freaking awesome things you showed me and taught me, and all the wicked awesome laughter you brought into my life. You rocked it, man. Totally, completely, rocked it.

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I LOVED your tribute, Max.

Pawsome tribute to a pawsome kitty.
Party on at the Bridge Skeezy!!!!!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

Yep--we always laughed about the boner blanket. And remember the time Tripper stole it?

THat is an awesome memory! The first time Angel read that she was just a baby and was shocked. Kirby soon learned that he wanted one!

Great tribute!

BONER BLANKET!!!!!! Great memory Max!

dood, you shure haf a way wif words--yer posts about skeezix are pulitzer-werthy! fanks fur rockin' the pink in yer own speshul way to honor our buddy.

::snerk:: - BONER BLANKET!!!

you NAILED it Max!

Yep, Skeez was manly in every way and we laughed ourselves silly over his stories. We'll sure miss him.

Awesome tribute, Max. You really know how to honor a furend.
You rock pretty hard yourself. Just sayin...

Nailed it. Totally. Purrs...

You rock pink in your own way dood! Mom and I donated in Skeezix's name. Thanks for the link so we could help The Food Lady and Mister Tasty Face do something cool in Skeezix's memory.

Head bumps and purrs
Mart the Manx

Yup, I have to agree with you on that one. I always had boner blanket envy too. I never knew what it was about until Eric told me.
I will miss him very much too. He was the greatest.

Great tribute, Max...we think the world is a little less pink now that Skeezix is gone. We sure will miss him.

Great tribute to Skeezix. He will definitely be missed.

What a wonderful Tribute to Skeezix Max!! He was one of a kind and we will miss him!! He always made us smile!!
Your TX furiends,

About the best tribute we seen! You knew Skeezix so much better than we did. The boner blanket cracked us up.

Enjoy the Bridge Skeezix...