To one of the most awesome doods I will ever know...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Ok, guys. Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 12 years old. And I’m not celebrating, not yet. Maybe next week. For one, the Woman is heading to San Francisco today so that she and DKM can drive a van and chase people who are walking for the 3 Day thingy, making them hurry up and get over the next hill. I think it’s mean, but if I understand it correctly, the walker who walks the best and gets over that hill with style get points and candy from them. Plus things like a play-tattoo, cookies, and candy. The Woman swears she’s not going to run anyone over. Not on purpose.

But mainly, I don’t feel like celebrating. I feel like crawling into my mancat cave and napping, because having a fun birthday just sounds like no fun at all right not, not really, not when a guy I really dug, a guy who didn’t get as many years here as I have so far, had to go to the Bridge.

I like a lot of guys, but there are a few I really love. Skeezix was one of them. And if I loved him, his Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face must have been 195 kinds of crazy about him, and it hurts me to think about how much they must hurt right now.

For a little guy, the Skeezix-sized hole left in the world is pretty freaking huge.

Thing is, I’m not 100% sure when I found Skeezix online. I’d been blogging for a while and there still weren’t a whole lot of cat blogs out there, not compared to now; I’m pretty sure I found his best bud Jeter first and followed a link from there…but guys, let me tell you, when I found him it was like I’d found a rock star.

That was one handsome man-cat. I have no issue admitting that; anyone who saw a picture of Skeezix and those big, beautiful eyes, the froot bat ears…they had to see the same thing: one seriously good looking feline. I mean, I knew I was stunningly handsome, but there was something about that skinny little dood that was captivating.

It was clear early on. Chicks dug him, guys wanted to be like him.

While we shared an innate beauty, I realized pretty quick that he had a lot of qualities I didn’t. He didn’t seem to be afraid of much; I hate going outside and avoid it at all costs, but Skeezix liked to go outside and take walks with his people. He went places and met people, and never seemed at all grumpy about it. Me…yeah, take me outside and I’m more than grumpy. I’ll poop on you.

He traveled the world; sometimes he sent his flat-self, but that was just like him going, and he shared his adventures with us. I learned about Mother’s Milk from him, and he got to meet my hero, Jackson Galaxy. He met the people behind a lot of the cat bloggers, up close and in person. He was just so out there. In a good way.

And dang, he was always willing to learn something new. He was the only one of us to tackle the Spelling Bee, and with Jeter’s coaching he went farther than most could ever dream of. He had such a thirst for learning that he wanted to go to school…but that danged yellow bus would never stop for him.

That was the educational system’s loss. Not only would Skeezix have been a star pupil, he would have taught all those sticky people a whole lot.

And his muscles! Holy carp, his muscles! No wonder all the womens loved him.

I’ve said before, cancer is a bitch. It’s not fair. It takes away so many good people and kitties. There was a part of me that kind of hoped he would beat that bitch into submission, even though I knew that it was just a matter of time. I wanted for him more time, and really, that was selfish. But we can all be selfish in that, because I’m pretty sure we all wanted that for Skeezix.

I know where he is; I know he has a big group of his friends at the Bridge who will rally around him and show him the ropes. I know what’s waiting for him and it’s all good. I know that when I go, he’ll be there to give me a couple of head bumps.

I know all that, but it’s still hard, because he’s not here, and here is where I want him to be, with the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face.

Skeezix, my man…I’ll see you on the flipside. And when I get there, I hope you’ll take me for a ride on the school bus…and I bet not only will you get to ride it there, you’ll get to drive it anywhere you want to. We’ll load up the entire CB gang there, and go as fast as we can, kicking up dust and laughing like maniacs.

It will be glorious.

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A beautiful tribute, Max.

I knew you'd come up with an amazing tribute for Skeezix, Max.

This a truly beautiful tribute Max. You have said everything I have been thinking but couldn't put into words. Skeezix passing is a huge loss to all of us, but of course especially to the Food Lady, Mr Tasty Face, Mao and Tripper. It hurts so much to know he is at the Bridge but knowing he is pain free is the most important thing. RIP Skeezy. You will never be forgotten.

A beautiful post for an awesome cat . He reminds me of my meezer Tamsin Blu.Cancer cut her years short.She left a hole in my heart but she and Skeezix are free of pain and we will see them again.

There's a big whole left by that guy, for sure. He had such a personality. Definitely no other like him. He will be missed. I'm in no hurry, but that bus ride sounds fun.

You're absolutely right Max. He was one of a kind.

That was a wonderful post. Skeezix was very special. We will miss him a lot.

The Florida Furkids

Lovely tribute post, Max. Our hearts are broken and The Mom's eyes have been leaking a ton. We sure miss him.

That was a wonderful tribute to Skeeie. He was truly unique and special. He will be greatly missed.

Wow...that was so awesome Max. Skeezix was such a special mancat and you expressed it so well. Thank you for sharing your thinks with us. We wouldn't have gotten to know Skeez in the first place without you.

Dip & Dot

What a great tribute to an adorable and great kitty.

a wonderful tribute to Skeezix. we bet he is up there petitioning for pink wings :) we know it would be hard to celebrate, but we bet he would want you when the Woman gets back from running people over, we will help you party

Good Night Sweet Prince of the Blogosphere-

I think we'll need a celebration next week given all the leaky eyes right now Max. I think you need to make it a particularly good birthday bash with pink and lots of Mother's Milk for Skeezix.

An amazing tribute.

That was awesome dood. Our eyes are still too leaky to write everything. Every time we begin to dictate our blog post to mommakitty, she gets even more leaky. Skeezy was one sooper special dood.
And so are you dood - we luv ya man.

Such a beautiful tribute to Skeezix. We know Sweet Praline and Beignet welcomed him to the bridge and they are partying. Our comforting purrs are being sent to Mom Karen.

I knew you'd come up with an awesome tribute for Skeezix, Max.

Lovely, beautiful, and touching post. Loupi and Zorro

Awww man Max. Beautifully written homage for a beautiful mancat. Mom and I are bummed, think we will crawl under the covers and snuggle for awhile.

Marty the Manx

That was great, Max. We're gonna miss Skeezix, too. He was one of a kind.

Max, for a tough guy, you have some beautiful words and feelings! We are crying for him and his family.

Beautiful tribute!

Oh dood we are feeling sooooo bad. Thanks for the tribute though - words truly can help others feel better. Even our food man got leaky eyes over Skeezy. Heaven must have needed him real bad to take him away so soon.

That's a beautiful tribute to an amazing mancat. There's been far to many friends heading off to The Bridge lately.

That was a really outstanding and from-the-heart tribute to an outstanding cat, Max.

I can't imagine how I missed getting to know this fantastic ManCat....but I feel like I met him just a little through what you wrote about him. He sounds like a Brave and Good Boy indeed, and I will purr for his Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face. And you too.

Still, Max, I hope you have at least an okay birfday--a tasty dinner is never inappropriate and if the Woman were to provide some real live fresh dead shrimp, I hope you wouldn't turn up your nose at them. We love you Max (well, The Human does, and I do too in my fraternal, ManCatly way, of course!)

What a great tribute for Skeezy, Max.

We're still hoping you have a good birthday, though, even if your eyes leak a little on your food.

Hey Max;
I know it's not a happy birthday day but we wanted you to know we send you hugs and head-buts to help make it a bit easier.
Ralphie's Mom
Marty the Manx
The Powder Puffs

I know your sads Max but I have to wish you a Happy Birthday! You are an awesome feline and very treasured in many hearts. Head bonks and many purfect times to come. By the way...we all are leaking pretty bad but you are the birthday fella so your feels are most important.

This was a beautiful tribute Max. You said what is in our hearts too, you put all the crazy feelings into words. You are so good at that. He was a handsome, stunning cat! He will be greatly missed by so many.