Why I haven't been able to post

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/16/2013 10:48:00 PM

I would LIKE to post. There are things I need to say! Wisdom I need to impart! But no. I haven't gotten near the computer because of stuff like this:

Yeah, the Woman has been outside riding around in a topless car that looks a lot like that. And I'm pretty sure she's doing the whole ooh I look cool thing like the first picture, and she's probably singing out loud like the kitty in the second. 

I hope she's happy because me needs are being neglected. Like tonight, she made real live fresh dead roast beast, and it was NOT TASTY. And then when I was ready for a lap so we could watch TV, she got up and went into another room!

I think all that fresh air has ruined her.

Or maybe it's the pink hair. It might have fried her brain.

She better get it together soon, because this is just unacceptable.

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Too much fresh air can be bad for the humans. Next thing you know, they'll start thinking for themselves...

Your human sings in a topless car? Is this a good thing or a scary thing?

Prancer is right about the fresh air - mine usually hangs out in stuffy rooms and she is WAY easier to manage.

Golly, Max! better not let Skeezix see ya riding around in that cute car! He was looking for a pink one to take out Miss Daisy and he might get jealous! Cute car though! She won't let ya starve but I think a "good kitchen talk" might be in order to get your needs met! ;-)

Max, we just can't believe the things you hafta suffer through.

Yeah, too much fresh air AND pink hair. Gotta be the cause. Or a mid-life crisis?

Hey Max, there are wires ya can pull or chew off that can stop the car from goin. Just sayin...