Not to be morbid, but...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/07/2013 01:45:00 PM

...dying and being dead and stuff has been on my mind lately. Not ME, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I hope. But with the Other Grandma dying and friends who have gone onto the Bridge, and people who have been really nice to me online dying... well, I think about it.

Sometimes I wonder, What would happen if the Man and the Woman both suddenly up and croaked? Who would open cans for me? Who would scoop the litter box every day? Who would watch Doctor Who with me?

Yeah, he'll take care of me...
The thing is, I know there are people who would step up and take care of Buddah and me. I'm pretty sure either the Grandma or the Younger Human would take us in, and if neither of them could (people have real reasons when they can't take someone else's pets, and that's okay) DKM told the Woman that she would be our new person.

So I get a little peace of mind knowing that someone will be there for me.

But guys...we all know of kitties from the Blogosphere who have suddenly been in need of a home because their people died. Some of you have people who went halfway across the country to get one of our friends to make sure they had a home. The Cat Blogosphere is a huge place now, and it's just not realistic to think that will happen every single time something happens to one of our people.

So. It's time for The Talk, doods. You need to sit your people down and tell them--gently--that they need to make provisions for you in case something happens to them, and they need to do it now. No one ever thinks anything bad will happen, but face it, sometimes the Unwanted sneaks up and gives a person a hard, hard wedgie. They need to figure out where you will go in the event of their demise, and how you will get there.

And then it needs to be in writing somewhere, so that other people know who it is that is suppose to care for you.

It sucks, but man, it'll suck more if you're suddenly without the thumbs that open your cans. 

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Yeah, yeah it will. Fortunately the Woman has another friend who will find homes and if nothing else she has a rather large bequest to Best Friends so that they will take us.

Dood, we recently acquired the other DOG from a friend of the Staff. Babygirl - shotzu. I know it's shitzu but... I'm just thinking, shoot her. Ok she isn't that bad but lord, she's stupid.
Still, just like you said, she has a missing people size hole in her heart, and I'm kinda glad my Staff got her because she is SO annoying and not many people could handle this.
I need extra snacky treats daily to deal with the trauma.

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We were put in both wills but the other kitties out there really need to have that talk and do it NOW!

My human needs to work on this, 'cause yeah, there is NO way I'm staying with that dog-loving boyfriend of hers if she is not here. And she knows it.

Mum has it in her will what to do if she has us or some other pet when she dies. Plus one of her furiends would probably take over for the first few days to make sure we were taken care of.

That's some good advice, Max. The mom has wondered about this...she needs to get a plan in place!

You are so right. When we lost our Grandmother, she has made a deal with our Mom to take Mac kitty in. And we did. Mom's kids will take us if the bad thing should happen!

Our Mom needs to do some serious thinking about this. Felines & Friends will take back Bambino, Rocio and Jose, but Oja and I were adopted directly from the shelter.


Attention all kitties.....have your humans put your new people and some starter money in their will to care for you. Nothing like peace of mind and definite opposable thumbs lined up!

Yep this subject needs some deep thinking. As matter of fact, death of their owner is how Cookie and Mike ended up living wif us - Mindy and Moe - in our house. Thankfully, it has worked out well for all.

Max, we don't want to be too forward, but if yer Beins croaked, we would invite you here...

The Human has talked to the neighbors who say they'll be glad to take care of me if she croaks, but this reminds her she needs to get it all written down and organized and stuff. And soon, cuz you know, she's pretty old, ha ha ha!

Tell your humans to put In Case Of Emergency cards in their wallets which say that there are pets in the house, and provide the name and phone number of the person who will take care of you if your humans can't get home. If your Mom human and Dad human are in an accident together and are taken to the hospital (or worse), somebody needs to be notified that you need to be fed ASAP. Your humans' Wills are going to sit in the lawyer's file until somebody contacts the lawyer. That can be weeks after death -- not fast enough. It's not enough that somebody says they will take care of you -- they need to be notified immediately when the time comes. Your humans can put a note on their fridge as well, in case they get really sick at home and are taken to the hospital.

If you went with the Younger Human that would be Full Circle wouldn't it and that would be kinda cool.
Mom friend Cathy Davis died suddenly a couple years ago. 9 days before she died, when mom talked to her on the phone, she said her biggest fear was where her kitty Beau (you remember him) would go if she died. She had no idea she would die suddenly but she was musing because she was heading to the hospital for a procedure, then she got an infection and it ate her up really fast and she was gone. Just like that. We all know Beau had trouble finding a new didn't want him, then the Blogosphere went to work when we heard about it. Beau went half-way across the country to a situation that was not the best. He lived about another year then went to join his Mom Cathy where life is better.
Please everyone......listen to what Max is saying here. You never think it will happen to you but if can and it does. Be prepared. Provide for your kitty.

This is really important stuff to talk about. Bear and I are planning to write out a will with very specific directions about our kitties. It has always been my fear that something would happen to me and nobody would be able to take care of them.