Doods, I think the impossible has happened. Buddah and I, I think we've become best friends. Over the last week or so we've spent a lot of time together, lounging on the big bed with the heated mattress thingy turned on because it's been cold and rainy, we've played THoE a lot, and in the middle of the night we've been taking turns picking on the Woman while she tries to sleep.

It's been great fun, so today I decided to give him something, a token of my earnestness. Doods, I gave him my bed.

You can see how much he clearly enjoys it, and since we're best friends now, I kind of had to give it to him. e really should have become friends years ago. Who knew he could be such a fun guy?

In fact, tonight when we get crunchy treats--and we will because we'll start hollering and won't shut up until we get some--I am going to save the biggest one for him.

Because I like him.

My best friend ever.

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lol @ april Fools. Too bad it is not true

Yeah...we suspect it's April Fools too! But almost got us Max!

Dip n Dot

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Darn it I wanted to add to my comment--that soon enough meant April 2! Anyway, sometimes I like Ichiro too but then he gets annoying again. You'll find this out soon enough--like April 2. I bet he can't keep it up for more than one day (nor can you or should you) But it's a great way to play mind games with your human...

Haha! You almost had us going, Max! April Fools!!

aw geez - we were believing it too.
your pals, Morgan & Msisie

April Fools!!!

Bet Buddah wishes that were true. Give him a break once in a while at least.
Good April Fools, though.

After that joke post, maybe you should give Buddah the biggest crunchy treat tonight.

My brother and I are best friends, try it you might like it.

HaHaMeow! We totally fell fur it!

You know, Max, I might have fallen for this if you were not towering so threateningly over Buddah in that bed. NO WAY are you "giving" that bed to him. What you are probably waiting to GIVE him is a smacky paw upside the head.

And yes! As a matter of fact, I *did* see the Younger Human from my perch today, but Spitty won't tell about what he was doing, heh heh.

I did not believe that for a second!

you know what? I thought it was true until I saw Karen's comment! lol

We fell for it to, and was hoping that meant maybe my two would soon become friends - then I realized the date....

You got us too!!

The Florida Furkids

Since Mom did not let us read this till today, we were all believing it. Then she said April Fools!

Aw, I wanted it to be true. :-(

April Fool yourself Max.

You go Max! Hahaha! Pretty funny! Thanks for the laugh! April Fool!

We KNEW this day would come.

how could you get through that without laffing?