So far, no pie.


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Good things come to those who **take**. MOL!

Not. Fair. Next time your Woman is eating PIE, sit at her feet and give her the Stare of Shame. Our Woman says she can't eat if we're staring at her.

that SUKS

Not fair.

Real live dead shrimp, then?

Well, we hope that changes soon!

Not even a tiny taste?

Poor Max, no wonder you like Henri. Both of you get no respect. I guess you need to do something to remind the people that YOU need to be taken care of first, not last. I hope you get a nice big chunk, as an apology.

That's just not fair. At least our Mom offers us a taste, though we often turn it down.

Herman and Spyro

I have good luck by sittin up on the arm of the chair, rubbin my head on TBT, an purrin real loud! - Iza

Did ya get any????
Since you haven't reported success we are fearful that the woman ate it all herself. :(

I would really, really, REALLY hate to think that your Human is the kind of person who would tease you with a good smell just to get you all sucking up to her and behaving like a Good Boy and then not follow through with the PIE.

You know, Max, she may be a pretty good Human, but they're all, well, disappointing, aren't they?

Was it made with 4 and 20 blackbirds?