Oh, man, guys. Forget April Fool's. This sucks. Scooby from Little Cat Feet went to the Bridge today, and it was so totally unexpected.

Scooby and his bros Shaggy and Scout were early cat bloggers and among some of my first blogging buddies. I can hardly believe it. I'm kinda leaking and upset, so I can only imagine how his Mom is feeling right now.

Dood. I am really gonna miss you.

This one is for your Mom...

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We were so shocked and saddened to hear and feel so badly for his mum because it was so unexpected in every way. We are purring hard--and are all sad anyway cause of Zippy, Speedy and Sadie's Dad yesterday. It's been a no good very bad weekend for our long time friends, hasn't it?

It has been a very terrible, bad weekend. We has the sads.

I just saw this a little while ago and my human and I are very upset. How awful for Scooby's human, and for his brother Shaggy and Scout too. We all feel so sad and helpless right now.

Max, Buddah & Karen,
Thank you so much for this lovely tribute. The angel wings picture touched me deeply. The cat looks just like Scooby from the back.
One second I'm walking down the hall with laundry and the next second Scooby is dying. I am so thankful I was there for him holding him as he passed.
Please give Max & Buddah chin scritchies for me. That's what Scooby loved most.

We just learned this and we are all so so sad.

We were very sad when we heard the news. They were one of the very first to welcome us when we started blogging. We will miss Scooby.

This is so very sad and shocking. It's just horrible.

We didn't find out until Monday. What a bummer day yesterday was around the CB.

Max, you said it...this really sucks. We'll miss Scooby.

Aww, Max. I feel you, Man. I luff all the Little Cat Feet kittehs & Peoples too. My Human's all leaky and I think I might have a little something in my eye....

XOXOXO my Furiend

Scooby was really special. We are missin him lots.