Doods...don't let your people buy you this, even as stylin' as it is.

'Cause you know, of you wear it, IT'LL KILL YOU.
Geraldo Rivera said so.
And he knows...stuff.
Ask him about Al Capone's special hiding place. I be the dood can inventory everything that was in it, HE'S THAT SMART!

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Man that's scary. I mean I don't wear short skirts and now I can't wear hoodies either?!

I'm glad I don't wear hoodies (or any other clothes for that matter) - I could be taking my life into my hands!

We did not know that about names--of course there is still the issue that we don't know want to be confused with HER Cheysuli...

HaHaMeow, our Mommy laffed until she snorted when she read this!

MOL! We ALL fell over laughing!

Not sure id that kitty is upset over the hoodie of the name Fluffums!

Everybody knows how ME feels about clothes, but truth be told, me lives in Canada and it gets cold up here in the winter and me has been known to wear a sweater!

I much prefer being nekked, Max.


Actually, my brother Manny might like that. Mom covers him with a blankie (lol) during the day and at night and he stays under it. His ears are always cold.

Me, no thanks, I just man up and sleep on my warm covers for me.

Ha ha meow! Ain't nobuddy gettin' no hoodie on this bada$$ kitteh!

We unnerstand the reference, but that can be a bit twitchy. TBT follows the news, so so do we.

MOL! My (old) woman is laughing her head off. That GR guy is NEVER going to live that one down!

My woman has tried putting cloth things on me (only to keep me from licking and chewing my fur off -not for fashion, etc.). I, generally, draw blood and blood again with teeth and bunny kicks before she gets it on. And then she has to get it off. . .

Is that what's been scaring my kitties off the screen porch at night? Strange kitties in hoodies flashing gang signs with their tails?