Look at him. Sitting there on the sofa pillows.

Dood won't talk, won't look at me when I say something to him, won't do anything. He never BLINKS. Yet he moves around the room like some freaking chicken ninja and I never know where he'll be. Doods, I do not trust this chicken, not at all.

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The only chicken we trust is the one on our plate!

Never trust a chicken that isn't fried...

Uh, how well do you think he'd stand up to a dual-pronged attack? Flyin' Klaws from front and rear? You and Buddah could totally take him!

Kill that chicken!!!

He does look rather sneaky.

We Like Spitty's idea!

What really scares me is when those stuffies disappear for a little while and then come hurtling at me when me is asleep a few days later...
Me says slay the evil beast!

Chicken-ninja - ha! that's hilarious. always sleep with one open, dude, 'k?

Get the chick-hen! Get him, we say! Ebel bird deserves his feathers plucked.

Taffy and my woman

I don't think I'd trust that funky looking chicken either.

If Jax won't talk to you does that mean she won't make a sound? We think you should put a bitey on her yellow nose and drag her behind the sofa.

Then, if the Woman missed this sorry excuse of a chicken dinner, at least you can be entertained as she goes looking for it!

PS - This is Cody's idea because he's always dragging things around the house.

That chicken does look suspicious Max and a little bit odd. Yep, don't trust it.

We also want to say:

Your kind thoughts recently, following our news about BonBon crossing over Rainbow Bridge are much appreciated.
We got to know him late in his life when he came to live with us three years ago at the age of 13. He seemed happy here and quickly became a cherished and loved family member.

Thank you from all of us,
Mindy, Moe, Cookie, Mike and mombean Nina

Thats like our duck again. Just yesserday I ran up on the cat tree an THERE IT WAS waitin fer me! I hadda jump all the way down ta escape...


This is absolutely utterly creepy.
Use utmost caution, Max.