It's Monday, and that means it's time for Ask Max Monday over at mousebreath!

Doods...please go over to my column today and leave a few words for Hershey and his mom. Hershey got really bad news, and it's left him and his mom so many kinds of scared I can't even count that high.

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WE read your beautiful answers you gave Hershey! You are awesome, Max

We read it too and left a message too. Every time our mom thinks about Hershey she starts getting teary eyes too. We think it's because we just turned 12 too and mom knows we are healthy now, but things can change. Your answer was just sooo awesome Max. Mom didn't even know about the Rainbow Bridge until she started reading cat blogs a few years ago, and you have the best description EVER!!!

Dip & Dot

We're heading over now....

We leaved a message there too. We loves you lots, Max. (Sorry man, I know I'm a ManCat and all, but I can't help it).

We cant go there. But we wish you all the best there.

Max, your answer was beautiful. and thinking about the whole thing, Hershey's plea and your reply still brings tears to my eyes. Well done, dude, well done.

Max, You ROCK, big guy. What an awesome answer. It was so beautiful. I'm so lucky to call you a Friend.