I totally feel for this dood...

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That is SOOO good! Only the French!

We love Henri!! We MOL @ the scale!!

The Florida Furkids

Je vous plains dood

We love Henri, too, but we felt sorry for him when the kitty door was closed.

Truffle and Brulee

Moi aussi!

We feel sorry for Henri to when the door is closed. he is a beautiful cutie though

isn't he just great? He reminds me of Mr.Puddy. I posted him on our Cat Chat With Caren & Cody Facebook page the other day, I just love this!

Yep, Henri has it rough....

Henri is my soulmate. If only, if only...I were a LadyCat.....

Dood, wow, emotive cinema verite or what?!

What a tortured soul. We luf Henri, though.

We hope Henri has a better day soon, but glad it's him and not us, ha.


"I am surrounded by morons."
That says it all.

we are all surrounded by morons

Yo Max! Your Human's been slackin'. Happy Urf Day, Dood!