OK, so all week I've been looking forward to today, because I heard the Woman say that for Easter, Buddah and I were getting a chicken. Not just bites of a chicken, but a WHOLE FREAKING CHICKEN. Now, I wasn't clear about whether this would be a real live fresh dead chicken or a real live fresh live chicken, but it didn't matter. We're capable of taking down a real live fresh live chicken and turning it into dinner. So yeah, I was seriously looking forward to dinner tonight.

Then the Man and the Woman sat down and had pork chops, which we were not allowed to have bites of because they were covered in this goo she called "Terikyaki" which apparently means "causes hairballs" so we couldn't taste it. but that was okay, because CHICKEN WAS COMING.

And then the time came. She said she was getting our chicken.

Doods. WTF? I can't eat this! And trust me, I made sure of it.

This chicken...it smelled like failure and disappointment.

Buddah wasn't sure about it, either...

...but that didn't stop him from trying to eat it.

Now the thing is sitting in the living room, mocking me. And he won't even tell me his name. He needs a name. Something worthy of the shame and disgust he brings to chickens everywhere.

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I think his name should be stinky chicken. Because it STINKS that you didn't get what was promised!!!

Bummer, dood! That really sucks! Not only did she get you with the chicken, but "teriyaki" actually means "really yummy Japanese sauce". You and Buddah got screwed!

What. The. Hell.

That woman of yours is JUST PLAIN MEAN! Really, something of hers should meet a toothy death, or better, get pooped on.

What in the hello kitteh? I suggest an immediate demotion fur the Mom and demerit points of no less than 3. The evil thing's name should be - Alfredo (as in chicken) or Pot Pie (chicken again) or Dumpling (you got it, chicken again). MOL!

That was rude of her!

"Failure and disappointment" indeed! You guys were gypped!

Totally freaking UNFAIR! We'd call that miserable excuse for a tasty dinner Chicky-Phooey. Then show the woman your disgust in her unkind joke by ignoring it's existence! Because nothing p*sses off a humans more than your ignoring a toy they wasted their precious green papers on!

Cody Kitty thinks Buddah should barf on the woman's new chair!

You said it best, Max....WTF!

Hmm. I think it's a belated April Fools on *you*!

Shame + Chicken = Schmicken
There ya go.
You're welcome.

you should name it Willard T Frack - WTF

I think you should name it "Chick-Fil-Lay" (or whatever that stoopid chain is) and then have urselves a really kickin' time with your very own built-in filet tools (you each have about 18 of 'em). When Chick is all fileted, U can start on the Peeps who LIED TO YOU.

aren't all chickens girls? 'cos you know, otherwise they're roosters? look i'm just saying...still, no fair trick the humans played on you! Hm!

Bite its head off!

kill it kill it kill it