OK guys...the Woman got to write her book. It's my turn now. And I want to write a book about stuff I think about. So...what kinds of things would you like me to think about and then write an essay about? This could be OUR book, doods!

(By suggesting things for me to think and write about, you're agreeing that I get to use your idea and publish it and the result, and probably without proper attribution...because my help is scatterbrained and sometimes forgets to write down who thunk what.)

Help me get my think on!

Oh, and the chicken has a name now. Jax.

Jerk Assed Chicken $hit. C + S = X, so he's Jax.

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Well, the first thing that comes to mind is about really really silly kitty toys, like Jax. We have a duck like that. TBT flies it over us an makes it HONK, which we find very disturbing. It doesn't have a name though. We just call it Stupid Honking Duck.

Maybe you could be like the Mike Rowe of kitties, only since kitties don't do dirty things it would have to be clean jobs. And cuz kitties don't do work, you would only have to pretend it. Does that make sense? You could write about what you would do to improve various jobs that humans do. Of course, every job would be improved with a nap!

You could think about having to share your peeps with another cat(!) and how you guys decide who gets to sleep next to her on the bed. Or why on certain nights two of you lie on either side of her and don't let her roll over. ALL night!

How about an essay explaining what it is that makes us kitties decide that 10 p.m. is the time of day to go thundering through the house? Up and down the hall, through the bedroom, back to the kitchen, up in the window...repeat, repeat....before it's time to settle down for the night. Or is that a secret that only kitties are allowed to know?

Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen - is it only my cats that do this?)

Me thinks yous should write about cats in outerspace! How peoples would take cats with them because we is the bestest and we could keep the space mice down...that's my idea!

That sounds like a great idea. Let me brainstorm on it. And by brainstorm, I mean nap.

We sent you our idea about the internet for cats and at your suggestion we sent that to the FL but although it's been at least two weeks, well she hasn't written it yet... ! :). I can't believe it. I thought she'd have published it by now...

Maybe you could do a book on your own Rock the Pink and how you napped for dollars? And made more money than your human...

Glad the chicken has a *ahem* name. We think a Q and A book would be cool. Like "Dear Abby" was to newspapers. Giving advice to other kittehz, hoomans, or any other animals about anything and everything! Mommy thinks about this alot. She says I look like I haf the wisdom to answer any question!

Were glad you settled on a name for the chicken. We'll see if we can come up with some for you to think about to put in your book

I think you should write about the idiocy of human men who won't allow their kitties on the kitchen countertops...because there are good smells there and it is up high. Especially when he rewards them with hugs, kisses, and skritches when he removes them (thus reinforcing the behavior)...
just sayin.

Another suggestion: A biography of Buddah, (your little furbrother). What he has learned from you, how you taught it to him, and what you may have learned from him. What a typical day is like for him. What he does for fun.


I think there's a lot of essays to be written on the topic of how badly the Humans screw up just about efurrything (from health care to the economy to taxes and efurrything in between). I think you could write a book about how each of those things could be made much better if kitties were given the chance to be in charge.

Also: Paw-operated can openers! Kitty-friendly laptops and tablets! Kitty credit cards!

I can prolly think of more after I have a good nap.

How about becoming the Cat Whisperer? We could all add a little something about our experiences growing up "cat". We could also talk about our cat brothers/sisters and the best way to handle their rude behavior and all their other misdeeds. You could add how you think our issues could be handled with our siblings, etc.

The first feline president of the US!

We will give the book some thinks.

And Buddah shoulda bitten Jax's head off when he had the chance.

Hey Max, Come see me tomorrow--I think you (and maybe even your Humans) will be impressed by my adventure ;-)