I've had a hard day napping. Please don't disturb my much needed rest...

Thank you.

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Must. Snorgle. Tummeh.

I know how it is, Max - sometimes ya need to sleep to recover from those naps.

Oh Max, you look sooo comfy! Mind if I join you?


::whispering:: Okay, Max...we're leaving now.

Somebodys got to be awake at 3AM to sing to the woman. Let her know how great your tone is with a good day of rest! :3

Yeah--we all have days like that--tip toes away...

sorry! we are slipping back out!

The Human is finding the pink toe bean well-nigh irresistible. She's pushing her grabby hands through the screen right....NOW.

Isn't snoozing just the BEST?

Wouldn't dream of it! We'll come back when you're refreshed.

Shhhh, Max is sleepin an must NOT BE DISTURBED!

Hoppy Easter, my Furiends (Feline and Human alike).

I hope NoKitty had to wear anything Stoopid today ;-)

You sound like mum these days. Happy Easter.