The Woman hogged the computer ALL WEEKEND. I mean, she sat here and it was all tap-tap-tap and =sigh= and tap-tap-tap and dirtywords dirtywords dirtywords and lots of I'm never gonna make it...

But cripes, couldn't she let me have it for five freaking minutes? Or turn the other one on for me?

The only good thing was that she stayed home and kept the fire place thingy going, so at least I had plenty of warms.

But geesh...I was beginning to think she was going to take root right here in the living room.

So, I know I'm way behind on Ask Max Anything, because it's been a whole MONTH of her hogging the computer most of the time, but I'm gonna catch up. Srsly.

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Mr. Max, we totally feel your pain. Our mom promised us that on her long weekend we'd blog and visit friends and do all our stuff. Instead she watched some guys named Dexter and Harry Potter and NOT our stuff. Sometimes she is not a good mom.

Man, it suks to be yoo.

It's so hard to get good human help!

Doesn't she do this to you every November?

Man how rude is she?

We think you need your own computer, Max...

Cripes! Did you even get FED? Your The Woman needs to attend to the kitty more, wethinks.

HI Max - we get the problem because our mom has been hogging the computer too. She is not horrible about posting but the visiting is just awful lately! We hope you are able to get back on soon!!

Oh Max, the People are SO inconsiderate about our needs. It's a wonder we put up with them at all.

Mum has planted herself in spots but not like that. She didn't explode did she?

Jump on her shoulders from behind? At least it will get attention.

Mom's can be like that!! Too much time to themselves and not enough time for us!! What a cat to do??? We like Ayla and Iza's idea!!! Hehehehehe!
Your TX furiends,

Moms. Sometimes so very unhelpful.

moms are generally useless.

People are so self centered!

Well Maz, the garage will be a whole lot less stinky now that the possum isn't there sh*ttin' all over the place!

maybe you better remind her that santy claws is comin', an' they don't call him "claws" fur nuthin'!!

Dood, I totally feel your pain. My mommy is trying to find another job and by the time she is is done with her WFH job (after working part time at her temp job) and job hunting she doesn't want to type anymore.

We are totally behind in General Hospital (but honestly, I don't think that Brenda is all that and a bag of cheez-its anyway) and there are still two Arrested Developments on our Netflix DVD to watch. sigh.

PS Man, that Anonymous is deep, so deep

At least you have the fireplace. That's something...
Thanks for your good thoughts for our Rudy!

i knows just how you feels. so not getting any halps blogging or visiting lately. *SIGH*

Having warms is good Max, but we gotta here yer news, too. Thanks for dropping by to visit!

Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike