All right, I'm kind of annoyed right now. Because we have a lot of stuff, the People tend to rotate it, and they put a bunch of our favorite things in the rumbly bike room a while ago so that they could pull it out later and try to trick us into thinking we had new things.


Some of my favorite things got put in there, and today when they were going through boxes and stuff, you know what they found?

A dead rat.

And what else they found?

They found that before the rat committed suicide on a trap, it peed and pooped on some of my stuff. MY STUFF! And the Woman was all Oh Noes! We can't let them have that now! And she threw my stuff away!

Luckily I have a new throw to curl up on (I won it! From Skeezix's Food Lady!) so I'm not as annoyed as I could be, but there better be new stuff coming my way.

The only good thing is she says none of the presents my friends have given me were in with the stuff that got rat-peed on, so that's a relief. But she says one thingy has to be washed, but because the rat got to it but because it's time. Whatever that means.

And ya know, she's been sitting here all afternoon. Why is she not heading out to buy me new stuff???

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Max, you gotta be relieved that she didn't show you the dead rat.

Oh man. That would have hissed me off. What was your stuff doing in the garage anyway?

we finks that's cruel an' unusual punishment, an' you din't even DO anything to deserve it! you should get her plastic card an' go shoppin' onna innernets!!

That is a cool blanket you won! We do not like it when Mom tosses our stuff out either. Hopefully you will get new stuff soon.

Max, have you ever heard George Carlin's routine on "stuff"?

We hate ta post links, but we will dare it this time...

Here is the thing,
rules on how to get new stuff;
1. Go to her carry everything in the
damn world bag.
2. Dump all the stuff on the floor.
3. Find the little plastic cards
4. Take the one called Visa.
5. Go to computer
6. Google kitty kay toys
7. Shop till you drop.
8. Blame it on Buddah

No need to thank me, put I would
like a new book. Poetry is fine .

Our human's grossed out by the dead rat.....

Well, Max, make your list now of what you want! Maybe your mom is waiting for the weekend, so she'll have more time to shop for you?

well that's just wrong, she could haf spent the time washing ALL of your stuff

lazy mommy eh? xo

Even with the new throw, this is a terrible tragedy! Your human needs to be more careful about storing your stuff. And yeah, she needs to get up RIGHT NOW and find you replacement toys.

You need a garage cat!
But you can't have Zolie.
She's ours.

Dood, People just have no sense of responsibility these days. I mean, really? Really? She stashes your stuff, your stuff gets all grody, she ditches your stuff and then sits around on her asterisk all day instead of replacing the stuff with New and Better Stuff?


Ever think about lookin' into gettin' new people? I'll swap you mine. At least yours manages a blogpost once in a hinky moon. ::sigh::

Max, Are you sure she is really telling you the truth? I mean, what if ***there was never really a rat at all*** and she just wanted to keep your cool things for herself???

I think you need to search her room REAL GOOD just to be sure.

What?!? I think maybe the rat should have peed on her--that would have got her moving to the cat toy store in a hurry!

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