It was a painful accident, but I totally have a way to get the Woman to give me what I want. Earlier tonight she stepped on my foot. And I don't mean just a little, I mean she STOMPED on it with all her 598 pounds. Give or take 5 pounds. Maybe 10. And not 10 to her benefit. Anyway, she stepped and I SCREAMED because, doods, it hurt!

Anyway, I ran a few steps away and stopped, and she was all Oh no! Are you all right? so I lifted my paw up like it was a major OUCH. And man she felt bad.

And then she gave me treats! After I had them I walked away and she was all Ok, he's fine but I still feel bad so later when she was playing on Facebook I walked up and lifted my paw, and she got all awwww and got up and opened a can of Stinky Goodness!

Doods, it was like SCORE!

She said she was feeding me because it was dinner time, but doods, I know better. It was THE PAW.

Think of the power I have now!

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WE are sorry you got hurt, but so glad that you are playing it up!

We are SO totally with this plan! But, do we actually have to get trodden? Can we fake it? Please post details of evil plan, ASAP.

Power of the Paw! Hope you're really not hurt though!

Whatever works for extra treats and stinky goodness!

Oh man--I wouldn't ever heal if that happened to me...

So it's no longer the paw of doom, but the Paw of Power!

Yup - Power of the Paw! Can't beat it.

I unnerstands teh power of teh paw an you haz expertly uzed it, concats to you! I iz sorry your hooman hurted your toezies though, I wud scream too *softpaw*

Oooh, me too, me too. What if we add a little limping or licking? You think more treats?

Lets meet up tomorrow in my lair.

That reminds me:
"The same thing we do every night pinky, try to take over the world."

Mommy did the same thing to Puff's tail over the weekend. But Puff hasn't figured out how to turn it into a treat score...
Hey - we relaced the boobies! I am downright honored - thx!

Wow, you totally know how to work it! Our mom never has got the paw, but she's stepped on our tails... it's hard to get the sympathy that way, as lifting the tail isn't very dramatic...

You totally have the power of the paw now! Any time she is not doing exactly what you want, just hold up that paw and you will get your way!

A kitty before my time got big fat paw boo-boo that needed surgery and would hold up his paw for treats all the time. Well.... until he forgotted which foot and held up the wrong paw.

Gee Max mum has stepped on my paw and I have NEVER gotten extra treats or stinky goodness for it.

The Human's best friend had a kitteh named Possum to whom a similar event happened. For YEARS afterward, Possum would use what his Human came to call "Sympathy Paw" whenever he wanted treats or attention. Worked like a charm.

I think you've got it made in the shade, Dood!

I have to tell you that my Chippie worked it just like you with his Grandma. He totally knew how to work her. God rest his soul.
You are truly a smart little boy.

Max, I would keep lifting that paw up until the Woman runs out of treats or she calls the vet...