Dangit...you know what the People are going to do tonight? And not just my people, yours, too. Tonight they are going to change the time on the clocks--they're going to push it back an hour!

They do this to us twice a year, and I'm pretty sure that they're just doing it to screw with us. There's no good reason for it, so I can only conclude that it's because people are a giant collective of MEAN on their part.

'Cause you know what's gonna happen. No matter what, we're all going to get fed an hour late tomorrow. Push time forward, push it back, either way, the people muck it up and feed us late.

So tomorrow morning, dooods, start in about 3 hours early. Jump on them while they sleep, shove your nose up one of their nostrils, flop your fuzzy asterisk down on top of their faces. Oh, they'll be annoyed, but I bet they get up and open a can just to stop you.

You know what I'll be doing starting around 4 am. That's like 5 hours early here, but the Woman, she's extra lazy and I have to work harder.

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I hate fall.


There is NO reason a cat should be fed an hour later just because of a human's silly whim. All cats in the U.S. should let their humans know first thing Sunday morning!

We think ya dont actally get fed late iffen ya keep the Bein up the whole night. That was our plan anyway...

Oh, an HIS brilliant statement? Oh is that tonight?

We had our time change a few weeks ago. What a tough time!

Max...DOOD! we made Mommy feed us extra last night and because she's so anal and didn't want to use a can of food out of order we got TUNA!

You need an OCD Human.


I swear mum puts out extra noms so we won't wake her up early.

Mom woke up earl but did not fed us till the clock said to !

My Human went to the Recology place at the DUMP very early this morning to get rid of this old freaking HUGE TV and DVD player and stuff, and she did not even feed me until she got home like hours and hours and hours after I usually get my morning food!!!

What's a clock anyway? Isn't the sun good enough for them?

Max, I couldn't even blog tonight, I was so weak from waiting for the very very late dinner!

yeah, ours did a pretty commendable job of ignorin' even our most whiny efforts. igmu stuck his paw unner the door an' rattled it (they cheat, an' close the bedroom door), but all he got fur his efforts was a slipper chunked at him. so ed went an pooped outside the baffroom door in retaliation; sad to say, nobean stepped in it.