OK, all I've heard from the talking heads on TV lately is GO VOTE on NOVEMBER 2ND.

And then last week this thingy came in the mail and it said SAMPLE BALLOT. So I licked it a few times and realized it wasn't that kind of sample, so I started reading it.

And doods...you won't believe this...but in California they have this proposition that would make People Nip legal. All this time I've been enjoying the kitty crack, but the people don't get to. Which explains why they're so cranky all the time.

Well. I thought that was unfair so I decided I would suck it up and go outside today--and you know how much I hate going outside--and find the place where everyone gets to vote. I was ready first thing after breakfast, but you know what?

The people wouldn't let me go! Apparently speciism is not only legal but encouraged and kitties are not allowed to vote! WTF? In People years I'm legal enough. I'm like the equivalent of a 50 year old, right? I brushed up on the issues, I knew exactly what I was voting for and against and for whom.

But no. I had to stay home.

Before the Woman could shut the front door, though, I yelled out VOTE PROP 19 FOR ME, and doods, I think she did it. Oh, she says she's thinking of the tax potential, but we all know better right? She totally wants to make some magic brownies and special rice krispie treats.

Me, I'd just roll in it, but what do I know?

I would've if they'd let me...

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You know Max, I discovered specism after I ran for president. I couldn't believe that my main constituency was not even allowed out to vote for me. Can you imagine? No wonder I lost.

We're very interested in the outcome of prop 19 here in Nevada. Daddy is a medical MJ patient yet cannot purchase legally! We're hoping CA can pave the way for our state.


Well my humans did their part and we all said yes to Prop 19 but by the early return it looks like it is going down. Let's hope they bring it back in 2012 and that young people will come out in droves so that it would pass.

Wishing you all the best,
Ms Kitty and Egmont

That is so wrong that we kitties are not allowed to vote. Thank Cod that at least OUR nip is legal, and always has been!

We wonder if it passed?

Hi Max. We have a friend who lives in CA, and though he would have loved for the prop to pass, he said it was worded stupidly and that the taxes weren't done right (in his opinion of course). We don't know why people can't do things right the first time! (Mom says our state government is the worst and they're all a bunch of morons.) It was very nice of you to be concerned for your people though.

Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

Mom and Dad voted, but I don't think a lot of their people won. But they still go and vote because it's not just their right, it's their responsibility. My responsibility is to nap and make it hard for them to get out of bed in the morning.

Well, Max, unfortunately the people will have to stay Nipless (well, not really; they just have to obtain it "creatively"). I would've totally voted for them to have their Nip whenever they wanted and I made the Human vote for it too, but no dice. Maybe next time?

Nothing so neat to vote on here in Whiskerconsin. But Chey and I tried to run for president and veep two years ago, we got nowhere.

We had the same problem here, Max. We were all ready ta go vote tagether, but TBT informed us we "werent allowed". And after ALL that research we did!!!

Well, at least TBT took our research with him an promised ta vote that way!

So, if YOU get elected ta something, that's why...

Max, remember that kitty that got called to jury duty and they wouldn't excuse him on account of he's a cat and would just sleep through the trial? Well, if kitties have to do jury duty why can't they be allowed to vote??