I love all my CB friends. Since the CB started getting bigger, it's gotten a lot more fun. But just a few short years ago, it was kinda small, and I've known some of you longer than others.

I remember when The Big Piney Woods Cats were The Calico Girls. Patches made the first post to their blog just before Christmas (and yeah, I went and looked, but still.) The Calico Girls were always funny and very sweet, and I like them all.

So when Patches had to go to the Bridge on Friday, it was kinda like someone pinched my useless nipples really hard. I really wanted her to get better, because the CB is brighter with her in it. I have to think about how much fun she's going to have at the Bridge, and how many of our friends are waiting there for her, making it easier for her to learn her way around. I know they're going to take care of her just fine.

Her mom posted this picture of her, and I really love it. I hope it's ok that I swiped it.

Miss Patches was a true lady, and I am going to miss her.

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We didn't know Patches but we have heard nothing but good things about her. Plus we love Calico girls. We were sorry she went to the bridge and we like your tribute to her.

patches ... a byootiful cat.
she will be missed heer in da blogosphere ... but i can tell u dat mi brudder whitey iz ready to show her arownd da bridge.
luv--yer frend--jh
pee ess--don't tell skeez abowt da purse. it'zza kate spayed.

Oh, Max, we are honored that you put our lovely Patches on your blog! The outpouring of love from you, your mom and all the CB is overwhelming. I don't know what I would have done without you! Remember when you brought the torch to our house and gave it to Mistrie in the Cat Olympics? What fun that was, and the first ever Nap-A-Thon? Tonight I am trying to think of the positive things and let go of the negative.

Love always,
CalicoMom Toni

We noes just how you feel, Max. Dem Calico Girls was furry special an fun. The Napathon an Cat Olympics wouldn'ta been da same without them.

When we were new to the blogosphere, we like the Calico Girls because we had our Calico cat Georgia, so we visited them a lot. We enjoyed reading about their adventures. While they haven't blogged much recently, we are so sad to loose Patches as it is like loosing one our oldest friends. We look back and realize we knew Patches before we knew Chey!

That is a very nice tribute Max.

We didn't know Patches, but were deeply sorry to see that she had passed. You wrote a wonderful tribute.

What a beautiful lady cat. We didn't know her, but we do know she was loved.... the CB has lost so many recently, and it's just too much to take.

Max, we knew you were a softie deep deep down, thanks for letting it show. We'll miss Patches too.
XX Lounge Kats

That is a great tribute Max. We will miss Patches too. The Piney Woods Girls helped us out when we first started and were getting in a mess with our links. It is sad to see our old friends leave for the Bridge.

We agree...when one of the long time bloggers make their way to the Bridge we feel like a bit of ourselves is going with them. As much as we love all of our newer fur friends we remember when we were a small circle of cat bloggers, long before there was a central CB and all the things we did and the teleportin and the fun. We were so hopin that Miss Patches would get better, she was a wonderful calico girl and all of our worlds will not be quite a calicolicious without her.


She was a dear friend to us too. Those early days were something, weren't they??!!
We still have the badge from the napathon on our blog. We remember how we all jammed into a closet for a huge nap pile!

"Those were the days, my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
Those were the days
Oh, yes, those were the days"

Yeah, we will miss our dear Patches. I swiped the picture too, it was a good one of her.

We did not know her, but are sad she had to go!

Max, I have to answer because Ayla and Iza haven't been around that long. They don't remember when the CB world was small.

Skeeter an LC did, but they aren't here anymore. I miss their historical viewpoints on the CB. But I have to carry on without them.

It it hard for me to see the kitties we have known and loved slowly vanishing from the daily blogs. It hurts even when we didn't know of them very well.

And it is good that new ones in increasing numbers are sharing their thoughts in their own blogs.

But it is still hard to see the friends of many years going over The Bridge. There is no stopping it, as there is no stopping us Beins from doing the same eventually.

But it hurts every time. For us friends of course, but so much more for the Beins and sibling kitties who remain behind.

This is a bad time of year, I think. It seems to me that more kitties leve this world in late Fall and Winter than any other time of year.

Maybe it is the shortening days, maybe the lack of outside time, maybe just the loss of the limited color cats see in the world. Maybe it is just the cold times where us Beins close in the house to huddle through the Winter, but I lose more friends at this time of year.

Skeeter went in December; LC went over in January. And they aren't the only ones. The kitty across the street went over the same day as Skeeter and most of our family's cats have gone at the same time.

We miss them all at this time of year.

The Big Thing

I'm pretty new here, and I didn't know beautiful Patches, but I am sorry for her family and furriends. Even though I am new, I have said goodbye to some pretty sweet kitties, LC for one, and, just a few days ago, sweet Inigo. The Human tries to 'splain to me that it's all the Circle of Life or something, but I still don't like it. I don't think she does either.

purrrrrrrs. we remember the "calico girls" too. we are very sad for her mommy and furry sibs.

We picked the same picture for my blog. It is such a sweet tribute you gave. Your true gentlemancat camed out!
You can be snarky tomorrow.