Cheeezeburger has this video or one really like it and we need to get them to take it down before our people start to THINK! Because thinking + people is never good.


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Fortunately, this would require my human actually buying a treadmill, and it's not in her budget.

I think it's hilarious, but I'm not letting my dad see this. He would think it's a good idea.

You are so right Max. I'd hate to have that happen here.

Thats what mom has been threatening to do to me! She just never thought it possible!
That one kitty kinda seemed to like it, he kept on going....

What's really bad is they keep speeding up that machine, making the kitties run faster and faster. The calico has the right idea -- the heck with this, I'm leaving!

Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are SO right!! We need to bury this!!!! Exercise is a 4 letter word :o
Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

THat is bad! Our Mom needs to be on one of those but not us!

Phew, mum does not own one of those moving sidewalks. She goes outside to walk.

Do you think maybe now that the Woman walked those 60 miles, she's thinking that next year you and Buddah should come along? That's an Evil plan, Max, Evil. Surely she wouldn't do that to you...right?

We love the kittie what treads the mill wif his back feet on the solid floor! That's the way we do the Big Thing in bed. We stand back unmoving feet on his back an tread the bed. An he wants it the other way!

That is too tired for me!

One time Mom was on the Treadmill and Ping got on it with her and he did the same thing that both of these kitties did...he went off backwards. He has never been interested in the machine again. The first time I saw Mom get on it, I tried to get on it with her and I fell off, so now I just sit at the end of it and watch her run.
(doesn't she know she's not going anywhere?)


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WTF? How cans humans do that tew kitties? Yew are so right Max human thinkin is neber a goods!

Notice those kitties ARE NOT FAT! They are in prime physical condition, the better to be able to chase the mousies. (Now, their humans should not have been laughing at them. I bet the kitties are in WAY better shape than their humans.)

OK, this is just wrong. Someone call Animal Planet and get the police out there!!

That's just cruel when the people make the treadmill go fast. I posted a video on facebook of two kitties hitting the treadmill surface -- I think they are smarter, although it says on it that the kitties are confused by it.

Max, dude. Thanks for your comments about Gatsbi's passing over to The Bridge. She's gonna be missed a ton around here. We've only got 36 paws now.

Luf, Us and Maw