Doods....hahahahaha....I'm laffin and laffin right now. Have you seen Harley's blog post today? Go look at it. Hahahahahaha... he's practicing his modeling and he's got some GREAT pictures. The cheesy one made me snort goop right out my nose!

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Harley is very, very proud that you liked his smiles. Now he is going around with his cheesy grin on all day!

We're going right now!

MOL, i knows, i knows, i seed it. it is the bestest photoshoot evar!

WE were laughing, too! That Harley is such a ham.

We loved Harley's smiles!


Harley looks lovely - very nice poses. Excellent photos.
When are you showing us your portfolio, dude?

We're gonna go right now and check out Harley.


We saw him! He is a good smiler.


I laffed myself sick! That first picture looked a little like Dexter, the TV serial killer! Ha ha ha!

We went an commented. Daisy and Harley is a favrit.

Harley sure has a real mouse-eatin' grin on his face!