Happy Halloween Doods!

Why do I like it this year? Because the People aren't even gonna answer the door so I don't have to put up with Sticky People and their freaky costumes begging for treats, when I know perfectly well that I'm not getting any treats.

The Woman says it's because last year they only got 2 kids at the door and they were like teenagers, but I know the 2 ultimate truths:

  1. They're cheap.
  2. If they buy a lot of candy they'll eat a lot of candy, and expand their flabby asterisks.

I'm totally on board with the no Sticky People thing this year.

But, to celebrate anyway, I leave you with some festive LOLz...


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We don't serve sticky people here either. I think there would be too many stairs for them to get up to my apartment anyway.

Oh, and Happy Halloween, Max, from me and my cat Pumpkin.

We luvs lol cats! We dont evfur get sticky people at dis time of year, and fank bast for dat! We is too far out in da country for it!

Have a furry quiet and restful night!

Da Critters

We only get a few kids at Halloween. So we got full-sized candy bars! I hope they kids take them all, because my Mommeh is on a diet.

Happy H'ween, Max and Buddah!! Our Mom doesn't do T&T either.

Good idea, Max! Mom bought Halloween candy, and Dad found it. So Mom had to go buy replacement Halloween candy.

Happy Halloween!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

hmmmm, we have never eaten brains...but we don't think we'll find any in our house.

We only get a few ghouls, our neighborhood is pretty unstickified.

My human calls herself a "Halloween scrooge" because she NEVER gives out candy. And now we live on a steep hill with fairly large houses, and it's too much work for most human kittens to bother walking up here. So I will be having a nice, quiet Halloween. Yay! Costume season is OVER!

Happy All Hallows Eve to you too!

Happy Halloween.

Our mom has totally eaten 3 bags of candy corn. She's glad the holiday is over soon.

Those were funny :)'Glad you & the folks had a good night,we did too heehee
Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

Mom had some candy in the house and decided to give it away so she would not eat it all! We hid!

Happy Halloween, Max & Buddah & People! The Human laughed at the lolcats, but I was kind of wondering if I could get to her brain through her ears.....

Dood Max - We covered the door windows with noospaper, the computer room curtins with black blankets, and sat down at the computer playin Penguin Whack in "low light".

It werked!

No sticky kids bothered us! We dint have to give out ANY of our treats to no kids! YAY!

That last one made me laugh out loud!

Human mom saiz she won't let the wittle people come beggin here cuz she don't wants candy in the house cuz Mumbles will get in to it no matter where it is hiddens n make hisself sick.