Ok, so the Woman is getting really excited about this walk she's going on, but dang, doods, I didn't know she was going to drag a bunch of crap along with her. Seriously, she got this giant bag on wheels and is taking it with her! I hate to tell her, but that's some serious baggage to be dragging along for 60 miles, and I don't think any of her friends that are walking are going to want to help her with that.

And she's obsessing over the stupidest things. Like an extreme addiction to diet soft drinks. I'm pretty sure that she'll pass a convenience store or two while she walks. I mean, she does when she's practice walking. And I looked online, San Francisco has a lot of stores. One of them is gonna have a diet soda.

She's worried about her meds wearing off and having to pee a lot. Well, duh, stop and pee. I looked up places for that, and San Francisco has like a giant litter box, so I'm pretty sure she can use that.

Oh yeah, dooods, she pees a lot. Like, so much you wouldn't wanna share a litter box with her because in one afternoon it would be too unpleasant to step in.

She hasn't asked me what she can do about it, though. Maybe she knows she won't like my answer.

Like, what does a person do when they pee their fricking brains out every day?


Ahhhahahahahahahahaa yeah, I slay me.

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I hope San Francisco has scoopable human litter boxes. That should help solve some of your human's, uh, problem.

Good build up! Timing is everything, hey Mr Psycho? erm...we mean Max.
What she on meds for, anyway?

We love it!! Sounds like our mama, she even interrupts our sleep at night to go to the litter box room!

Oh you are too funny Max :)

Yes, our human pees a lot too. But she drinks a lot of water as well... They are so weird.

MAX... You are too funny by half! "Depends!" hahahaahahahaha!

You are so funny!

Max, you crack us up!

The Woman should relax though. We hear they plan these things pretty carefully...

Sounds like the day the laundry sink got plugged by a sock and the drainage from the washer overflowed with the litter box below it.
One giant clump, man!!!

The Woman's med (well one of them) is for a condition called "Diabetes Insipidus." It's not diabetes like most people know it, this is "water" diabetes. Her brain* doesn't make the hormone that tells her kidneys when to hold onto water, so they just let it all go.

When her meds wear off, she drinks like crazy and pees just as much. So this is a consideration for her on this walk. But she may just take extra of her meds...it's ok to do that.

*further proof she ain't right in the head...

Depends!!! Bwahahahaha!


Depends! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

The Human says not to worry. San Francisco has like a million toilets, and if you can't find one when you need it, it doesn't matter cause, you know, lots of people just go ahead and pee on the street!

We do have oceans of diet soda. Lots of it is in our refrigerator.

Good luck to your Woman, Max. Maybe she'll take you along in that big bag?

Oh Max...you slay us too! HAHAHA!

Good luck to the woman...

There used to be a book called "Where to Go in San Francisco". And by "Go" they meant....you know. I looked on Amazon and didn't see it. Very handy book for those who go a lot. It listed all the public restrooms in SF. May not still be in print. I can imagine that keeping a book like that up to date, might be a chore.