After YEARS of trying my best to get some,



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EXCELLENT. I'm a pepperoni fan myself

Mmmmm. And after you finish the pizza, I see some nice toes there just screamin' for a nibble.

Congrats, Max, on expanding your adventures with food. I love pizza too.

I LOVE pizza!!!

Was it hamm, pepperonies, sausage, chicken, what? What?? I loves hamm pizza and sausage pizza (and don't tell anyone-even mushroomies and black olives. Seriously!). Mama never has pepperonies cause she says she doesn't like them. Was it that??? Oh, Max! Like, tell us!
I loves pizza. Wonder if we can have one soon....

It's about time! We haf da cheeze and what ever meat effury time da beins haf pizza...

Wow, we've nefer had a pizza. We nefer even SEEN one here...

OMB! Now da look yummy! Da crazy lady makes her pizza, so we have only had hams. Spitty is right, dem toes look awful nibblish, we luvs to nibble toes!

Da Kittys

See? Perseverance does pay off!

Pizza! We like to lick the cheese before the People get to it. That way they get their daily cat spit without any fuss whatsoever.

We has licked pizza, but we never gits to eat it cuz da little bean eats it up too fast!

We like the cheese and sauce and meat!

You are my hero. I am in awe. And, I'm drooling a little. OK, a lot. You are the awesomest.

Looks those feet must belong to The Boy. They know just what kitties need! And they're suckers.

Pizza is the best! Did your slice have pepperoni and ham?

How about Buddah? Did he get a slice too?


We still haven't ever had any.... we're jealous, Max.

Persistence is the key, Max. Never give up and eventually you'll get what you want.