Every freaking night, the Woman opens a can for us and then putters around the kitchen while we eat; when we're done she asks, "Was it good?"


Woman, did you not hear the sounds we were making while we ate? Did you not threaten to hold onto the counter lest you get sucked into the vortex? Do you not know what "Mmmm snarf snarf snarf" means?

Really, it sucked.

=sigh= People...

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WHy do they ask questions they already know the answer to!

Humans ask the dumbest things...

Max, just meow a "yes, thank you." That is all she wants to hear.

My human never asks that. Usually she is ignoring the other two cats chowing down and begging me to eat whatever slop she has set before me. Which is equally, if not even more annoying.

You know what, my mum says to me, "Hi Huffle! How's it going?" and then I tell her everything that's happened during the day, and then she says to me "And then what happened?". It's like she doesn't understand a word I tell her.

Yup, sometimes it just makes you wonder if humans keep anything between their ears.

I think your mom just needs reassurance that she is keeping you happy.

Nothing like overstating the obvious.

We think it should be obvious even to a Bein. If it wasnt GOOD it would still be there.

At least she doesn't talk baby talk at you. Or does she?

If it is gone, it was good.


By now the humans should know that if we're eating it it must be good cus will otherwise just turn up our nose to it and walk away, making them feel guilty until they give us what we want.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
Miss Kitty

That's like when my Human asks, "Are you my good boy? Are you my gooooooooooood boy?"

Well, DUH! Like I'm going to say , No!