Ok, the Man came home without the Woman. It's fricking hot in this house and I was kinda-sorta glad to see his opposable thumbs, because that meant he could turn the cold air blowing thingy on, but he left the Woman!

So either all that walking practice was for nothing and she's so bad at it that it's taking her for-freaking-ever to walk, or he got fed up and just left her there. Or maybe he just forgot her!

Meh. As long as he's willing to use his thumbs to open cans for me, whaddo I care?

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Perhaps she is just to slow for him... I mean if he got back and she's that slow--that would annoy me too!

Hm, interesting! We were just excited to see we could still donate today - we thought we were too late - but whew, we made it! The woman is doing a great thing with all that walking, that is for sure (our dad would totally have to leave our mom there because oh my gosh she is so slow),

dude, dude! she's ok--we saw her picture onna boobie-walk website!! she looked ok an' she'll be home eventually. there's other beans that belong to us blogging cats there wif her, so they'll put her inna cab if you need her sooner. but one pair of opposable thumbs is as good as another, yeah?

Maybe he left her to walk home!

the woman is doing a good thing- we hopes her feets hold up. but we bet when she comes home she will lay in bed for DAYS

It sounds like he left her to walk home, but it's all part of a very good plan! Paws up to her.

Your mom is doing a great thing.

She is going to sleep for days when she eventually gets home!

Yeah, as long as someone is home to open the food cans, that is all you need. But I do hope your mum does come home soon.

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