Whoa. I am remiss in my relaying of important news. My apologies.


The Woman didn't have a clue about it, but the Man did surgery on it (I think he learned how while he passes gas) and after he stabbed the heart of it with a knife, it started working again. So the crisis passed, and I am now able to drink when I want to.

I think the Woman is relived, because she really didn't want to go buy a new one. And you know she would have.

:::crack o'da whip:::

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You have them so well trained Max.

Well, that IS good news, Max. Now we don't have to worry about you dying of thirst!

Well that is excellent news. Now if only I could get fed and they'd stop calling me meezerschnitzel...

I'm glad your male human is so resourceful. My human's boyfriend actually BROKE ours when he forgot to refill it after the dog drank all the water, and my human made him pay for a new one. Served him right - it's his fault that dog is here!

I am glad to hear your fountain is back and working! Its good you know the power of the whip!

You drink again!

Yeah for running water in the fountain!

Well, that is good news...for you and the woman.

Glad you have a fix it Dad.

Oh whew! I thought you were starting to look a little dehydrated (I know this because of my SuperKitteh x-ray vision across the miles).

Yay for the Gas Man!!!

If your Man learned how to do surgery passing gas, our Daddy should be a rocket scientist right about now.

Yay for da Man!

gas! ::rolling on floor:: MOL!!!