Ok, Dooods, the calendar is winding down on the walk some of our people are doing in order to support one of my favorite things.


They're all organized into a team and chit, and are going to camp near the water in SF, which I find kinda bizarre, but whatever floats their bloats. I'd go find someplace warm to sleep and poop, but that's just me. The important thing is


If you haven't had a chance to, and you wanna help their effort, they're all still fund raising, so take a peek at their team page, go "eenie meenie mighty Max" and pick one to whom you wanna toss a buck or two. I'll make it easy. Click on their team logo, that'll take you to their team page.

Oh! And if you want a shot at some cool prizes, Skeezix's Food Lady is doing a Prize Thingy! Seriously, she's got some really cool chit, so at least go look at her blog.

And guys...you doods really rock. There's been some serious coinage raised so far...all to


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Good luck to the Woman. WHen is the walk?

Good luck to your Woman Max! That's exciting that she is on a team!

They start walking on Friday, Oct 1st. I think they're gonna have dinner together the night before, though. Apparently the Woman doesn't have the eating thing down pat, either, because she's been practicing that a lot lately, too...

You know what? The Human says it's like 90 freaking degrees in San Francisco today, so the Team might get some warm weather to camp in after all. No guarantees of course!

We hope they all walk real good...

We made mum get out her plastic money thingy and give. Its about time!