Labor day?


I've been watching the Woman off and on all morning, and she's barely moved from where she's sitting.

There's no labor going on here.

I thought there would be labor. Like cleaning and the cooking of real live fresh dead things.

I feel cheated.

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MOL! My mom is doing the same thing.

Yeah me too...

What! Not even some kitty lovins? That is just wrong.

Sitting? Do you think that even with all that practice, she's already forgotten ow to walk?

She needs to start walking again, even if it's only to the kitchen to fix you up a special snack.

THat is all our people are doing, too!

Time to poop on something.
Labor not being done is a cheat.
Well at least she not trying to walk .

Same thing is happening around our house. They should call it No Labor Day...

Sounds like what our mom has been doing all day too!

Aww Max, cut your poor Woman some slack. It's Labour Day, which means no labour... Erm, that's FBL (Fuzzy Bean Logic)... Oh, just go with the flow and enjoy her company! Have a nice one! :)xxx

Our crazy lady has been runnin around her doin lots a labour! ssshhh dont tells her of this No Labor stuff! Shes cookin real live dead chicken for supper if you wants some ;-)

Da Kittys

My human has barely been home! Labor Day, feh!

*sigh* we hadded the same problem around here yesterdays.

Heh - our Mom told us that Labor Day was a day of rest & not to expect anything... You mean they're supposed to labor for us on that day??! We feel cheated too!!

Have a great day!!

~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

ps. We must do something about noncompliant humans...

Yeah, we had the same thing happen here. The Big Thing said is was a holiday FROM labor. But we aint buying that. He hardly does anny labor at all. Its a scam...

I bet you had lots of stinky goodness to eat.

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