Yo! By declaration from The Most Awesome Derby, who wisely understood that some dork's "No Cats day" was stupidity personified, today is MO' CATS DAY!

I like this image best, though. Heh.

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Ha! I love that second image! My thoughts exactly. Just found out about Mo-Cats day. Wish I had known sooner. What a lame concept "No cats day" is! Great blog, some really funny stuff. Stop by my blog "The Fictitious Cat" if you have a spare moment. I'd love to hear from you!

Probably a mouse trying to start this pitiful 'no cats day' idea. We're glad it was cat-nipped in the bud with the Mo Cats Day movement.
~Casper and Angel~

The Mo the Merrier!

Happy Mo cat day!

"Most Awesome"?! Thanks Max.

MO' Cats
MO' Cats
MO' Cats
MO' Cats

Mo is better than less.

But in forever homes...

Wow! This was trully an amazing, educating post! Thank you soo much for posting! :)

Willow and I hope that you had a great Mo Cats Day - we certainly did!

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

That guy musta been insane or sumfing.

Thanks for your kind words re: Mickey, dood. Mom says that Mickey would LOVELOVELOVE to have a banjo, and since he lives in the group home, it wouldn't bother her a bit! ;)

Love it~