Arr, mateys... T' worst thin' that can happen t' a guy on Talk Like A Pirate Day...his water fountain breaks. And without a water fountain he can't drink. And what decent pirate doesn't tip back a pint o'whatever??

It's broked, broked, broked....It sits thar and nothin' be comin' out! How can I get anythin' t' drink?

Really, someone has t' pay for this. It should prob'ly be Buddah. Just because. Anyone got a plank I can make him walk?

Yo ho ho and a bottle o'rum, and all that... dammit.

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I'll find ye a plank Captain Max...

are your fountains breaking cuz they build up with limescale and then get all plugged up like the woman's nose? perhaps if you convinced her to rum straight white vinegar through them for an hour or so once per week they would work longer...

aye, it be that scurvy little scallywag's fault fer shure! (what? ye nefur knew there were piratecats along the callyfornya coast?)

you have had a lot of bad luck with your fountains. We are still on our first one!

Garrr someone must pay with a one way ticket to Davy Jones locker.

We be thinkin' it's the plank for sure!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Arrrgh! A broken fountain is no good!

I never considered using vinegar...thank you for that suggestion! The fountains keep break because of the mineral in the water here... It sure as heck wouldn't hurt to give that a try.

Will the scallywags be walking the plank?

A close good Pirate talk... We liked it.

oh noes.......

oh my cod, your fountain is borked?! wahtever will you does?!

Bummer about the water fountain. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Buddah in an act of mutiny on Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Those fountains can be pretty sensitive. Ours would always clog up with Shaggys hair because he sheds a lot and it would get stuck in the motor.
Mom got tired of it, even though we liked it, she bought a Le Bistro waterer. We like it ok. She still rinses it out with soap & hot water every week, to keep it clean but its much easier.

CLR works, too.

From the food wench: I got a replacement pump for our fountain on was under $10. Or try the hardware store, they sometimes have them.

Dood, I've got a line on a great fountain, should you find yoruself in need of it....

Oh no! Dude! Petsmart to the rescue! (Ours was on sale, so really there's no excuse. And you can have like up to 5 cats drinking at the same time...not that you probably want another brother or three.)

Geez, your people should be right on top of this stuff, Max. They should keep an extra around, just in case! So negligent of them.

I think that fountain had better have been replaced by now. Wanna come over and trash my house? Just for shnits and giggles. My beans will be at work. It'll be awesome.

I agree with Spitty. I think your beans should by two this time and keep one as backup.

Didja get Buddah? I hope so.