Today, there was shrimp. Real live fresh dead shrimp, cut into bite sized pieces, just the way I like it. Not too cold, but not all been-sitting-out-too-long warm, either. And it was the last of it, until the Man remembers to buy some more.

Buddah, who does not tend to lime people food, scarfed his down and then came over to my plate and stared quite rudely. I was going to smack him upside his pathetic little head when I remembered that he hadn't liked what we got for breakfast, and was probably very very hungry still.

So doods, I let him have mine.

Because that's how I roll.

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Max, are you getting soft in your middle age?

OK, this is an April Fool, right? I'd smack someone who tried to take MY shrimps!

Max S.

Shrimp! Nom nom nom!!!

Max, dat's gotta be April Fool's. You lettin Buddah haf yur noms? HA! I just eat mine treats fast an then if Nina's not finished, eat hers. Cuz dat's how I roll.
PS actually, I flop, then roll.

Maximus Spittimus would like to point out that he wouldn't know shrimp from anything else fishy. As long as it's fishy it'll do.

Not a fussy eater is Maximus...

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp

well, we hopes the shrimps was fur real, but we doubts the largesse was. we KNOWS what day it is!

Ok, Max is this true or April Fools - because if it is true is it sweet. If it is April Fools it is funny!

Max, I think you need like something really special. Either that or a therapeutic vet visit. Too nice.

April fooling us Max? Or at least trying to?

April fools to you too!

Max! We are SO tempted ta send ya some of our OWN shrimp fer bein so nice ta Buddah!

Well, Almost... We mean, food is food. But dood, ya at least deserve a new toy or somethin...

Are you April fooling us?!?

Heh. Hehehehehe. =snort=
I slay me sometimes.

Ya...April Fools and all that ;)

dood ... yer a inspirashun.
i'll be kinder an gentler to dat kitten joba.
jus sayin.

I was going along with it, until you said that you let Buddah eat your real live dead shrimp. I know you would never do that in a million years. Happy April Fool's Day!