Oh holy...you know what the People came home last night smelling like? Do you? I'll tell you what!

They came home smelling like THAT DAMNED DOG BUTTERS!

And meat. Butters and meat. You'd think that if they're gonna whore around with that spastic little woofy that they would bring me home some of that meat. But no. Because they're mean. Just. Mean.

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Butters and meat sounds delicious.. he he he...

Poor Max. You really haven't been given the respect a kitty like you deserves! Don't your beans know who you are?
Sorry buddy, if it makes you feel better we didn't get crabcakes either!

I'm sorry Max! My mommy comes home smelling like that damn dog Dougal!

Seriously they didn't bring you ANY meat? And they had the nerve to smell like Butters? That is just awful!

Time to poop on her pillow.
Maybe her shoes .
Poor kitty , you gets no respect.

First the chicken now the meat!!!
And DDB too?
Will this insanity never end?

It's just not good enough, but we are sure you will think up a suitable revenge.

Two nights in a row and you did not get any thing? Poor Max

Wow. This calls for some drastic measures, Max. Toothy death is a'comin'!

Max, it sounds like your beans have forgotten who is in charge there. First the Woman eats your chicken from Denny, now she comes home smelling like a spastic woofie and meat?!?
I think it is time to bring on your own 10 plagues. Raining poops and bloods (from nipped ankles) and not killing the bugs in the house so they get all over. Stuff like that.

Poor Max. We're having chicken tonight. Want to come over and have some?

first denny'z an now d-o-g!?!
wut can i say to make thingz better?
da end.

Yesterday mama had that slow cooker out. She drove me crazy ALL day. Meat. Meat. Oh, dear.
But she did give me some. And it was yummy. Your beans should be retrained!

Goodbye my dearest furriends. The Bridge has called to me and I have decided to answer.

I will see you here.

Your dearest furriend,


That's terrible, Max. My Mom petted a dog at the vet's and I really told her off. You should teleport over here. My Mom is putting out all kinds of stuff to get me to eat. Thanks for telling me that my poop at the vet's wasn't wasted. That makes me feel better.

They are really pushin it Max! First no Dennys Chicken and then no Meat... Better put them in their place FAST!

I can't believe they came home and flaunted yummy meat smells and woofie smells, and they didn't even have the common courtesy to try to hide what they've been doing! I think somebody needs to leave them a little gift on their pillows.