Finally...they went out and got me a new fountain. It's about time, because i was getting awfully thirsty.

Well, yeah, they put out a water bowl, but if I'd used it they wouldn't have made an effort to replace the fountain. But as soon as they had it up and running, oh yeah. I marched right over to that water bowl and took a long drink.

That'll show 'em.

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How many days did you have to go without water? That's just not right.

Good for you Max. You keep them in line!

That should show them!

Dear Max, we miss our brother Uwe, now that he went to the Rainbow Bridge, but we don't miss the fact that he thought the water fountain was a kitty bath and he washed up in it all the time. It always had Uwe fur and sand it in. We learned to like the toilet better and the People love it when you leave wet kitty footprints on the seat. Love, Jack 'n crew.

Next time, start sloshin the water out of the bowl. They'll replace that fountain real quick!

Keep the beans in line! Keep 'em guessing.

Good one, Max. Herman has a good one, too. He will meow and meow for Stinky Goodness, then eat his crunchies.

We understand. Water must be aged properly.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Way to go Max!

Oh yeah, Max! That'll teach them!